NYX Advert Calendar Day 3


Lippie today! I love this shade of lippie!!

#TsumTsum advert calendar day 3

When I open this up!

It's actually a deer with a Santa hair band!

Wearing #Lovebonito overall & #TheClosetLover white tee today. I'm pairing this white tee with various clothing & I'm loving how it looks under different outfit. Glad that I've found the perfect white tee for myself. Next aim will be to find the perfect white shirt!

I managed to book our air tickets for an impromptu trip in February at a good price with SQ.

It's crazy how my weekends are fully packed from 3 weeks ago all the way till Feb 2017. I'm not intending to complain much since Christmas is my favorite festive & I love gatherings with my close ones on my favourite festive.

Physically, it's very tiring but this makes me appreciate weekdays whereby I can have pockets of rest.

I'm flying off in 3 weeks time to Europe for 3 weeks. After we are back, it'll be an intensive preparation for CNY & my birthday celebration for 2 weeks. I'll need to plan our trip with Twinnie during that 2 weeks too since we are traveling with a kid. Then off we go in the midst of CNY for our holiday.

I don't know how many "HUH you are traveling again??" comments I'll have to face in real life. Perhaps I should just fly quietly & not post anything on FB!

The last time we went for our couple holiday was 3 years ago & I'm glad that mini-Twinnie is older now, making it easier for traveling. Can't believe that the last time 4 of us went HK was 4 years ago & now we are back there again as 4+1! I told Twinnie we should go back every 5 years & I hope the next next trip, it'll be 4+3 or more!

Our annual girlie trip with wifey & Jas will be a 4+1 trip too. Can't wait for the day to come when it'll be 4+4, everyone bringing a child. Or perhaps by the time 4 of us have children, we will leave our kids with our husband and plan for a crazy 4+0 trip!

I love these girlies so much, it always makes me feel bliss to have them in my life.

BIGMAN is at work this weekend so it'll be me babysitting the 2 boys. Days like this makes me appreciate him a lot. Let's pray that I'll be able to divide my attention properly between my 2 darlings. I've to admit I'm more biased to Zayne bb because he's much younger than Axel boy.

Thank God I've an event to allow me to take 2 hours of break.

Festive masterclass with JEM & Elle Singapore!

HAPPIE to attend it with @whitechoco & @yuniqueyuni!

I love this model, she looks so prettie & slim.

This is the first look on the model, office chic look.

Being transformed into chic look for after work party.

I love the shoe on her, aiming to get a pair similar to this.

The second outfit that she was transformed into. I think a lot of girls like her sequin jacket from Topshop!

The guest for this Masterclass is Desmond Tan & Darrel, the stylish for Elle magazine.

Dropped by #Sephora too. I've been reading a lot about Laura Mercier's concealer but when I tried it in store, it doesn't seem as good as the raving online.

The SA recommended #KatVonD & Makeup Forever. I've tried both & I love KVD immediately.

Can't wait to try this tmr!! Let's hope it'll be good!

I've got delivery from Reebonz again! This bag purchasing is so addictive.

Hello #MichaelKors

Welcome to my home!

So gorgeous! Glad that I got it in Small instead of XS. At least my Chanel wallet, Hp & some misc stuff can fit into this bag.

And yes, I need to find time to drop by Chanel before my midnight blue short wallet went OOS.

Received this 2 piece travel set from Sephora when I purchase the concealer. Are they having some promotion or anything?

The bed feels so empty & big without my BIGMAN. I don't like it when he has to work on weekends but yes, I'm a supportive wife. Doesn't help that the LOUSY Singtel network is down since morning till now. I wanted to catch up On my drama but I can't. And I just burst my mobile data by surfing the net for the past 5 hours.

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