NYX Advert Calendar Day 2


I can't tell what this was initially!

Adorable packaging!!

Beautiful color! The cover has magnet in it so it's close by magnetic effect.

Pigmentation is good & I love the shimmer effect! Color can be picked up easily too.

Next up was #TsumTsum turn!

When I open this up, my face went ☹️ while BIGMAN went 😅😅.

Before I can say anything, he went like "Christmas need to have stars right? Perhaps after you open up the whole set, you'll realize this star is very important. And you like stars right??".

I can only say, they better don't give me some shapes again for tmr's surprise. I expect to see a TsumTsum figurine!!

New serum for the month of December!

Vitamin A Serum:
Improves skin tone and the appearance of dark eye circles as well as combats early signs of aging.

Chlorella Serum:
Tackles skin dullness, reduces the appearance of pigmentation and melanin production.

Hyaluronic Acid Serum:
A potent water binder, retaining as much as 6 litres of water/gram. It replenishes moisture for long lasting hydration.

This is my 3rd #SkinInc serum & I'm loving it a lot. Been 2 months since I started using their products and I can say, they are very suitable for me. I can see visible improvement on my skin & they no longer react to weather changes or environment so easily. Even BIGMAN notice that my face don't get red spot or break out anymore!

I'm tempted to try their facial but ain't too clear about it. Anybody tried their facial before? Any recommended person to find? Or are they having any promo?

Wearing my new #ASOS dress out!

Spent my whole day in hospital(again) with a diff close one today. Bought my favourite baby her favourite Hello Kitty to accompany her during her stay!

Please get well soon my darling!

Spent the past 1.5 hours trying to book an air ticket & it was mad refreshing & checking so many webpage.

I didn't want to travel in 2017 because we want to save for house & I want to do my masters.


I can't say NO to holiday with Twinnie & fammie.

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