Heading out in #TheClosetLover outfit today.

Wanted to head to town earlier to avoid the lunch crowd but I guess I became the queen of procrastination. Laid in the bed & refused to move my butt until momma left the house.

Shopping time in TOWN!


Tried this top in black and I regretted carting out the white one because black looks nicer than the white one.

The white version of the top & this is the color that I carted. Black seems to be nicer & the design is more obvious on it. White is not lined but it's not sheer too. Guess I should have stick to my usual option of BLACK ☹️.

Tried this knitted top in grey & it fits so nicely. I wanted it in black but there's no more size S available.

I think the shorts is a pair of new release for this or last week. I quite like the cutting & design, size S fits nicely too.

Tried this top which I carted in black yesterday and this skirt, I think it's going to be a new release this week?

Size S fits nicely for both Top & Skirt but I'll prefer S for the top because the PTP is quite tight for me.

I think red is nicer! But still, can't wait to receive my black top.

This white shirt dress, S fits nicely with allowance. It's not sheer at all & I love how the cutting makes me look slimmer. Should I??!

Next stop was #TheClosetLover!


Only item that I tried! S fits with no allowance at the waist but with allowance from hip onwards. I don't fancy it being too high-waist. The cutting is quite nice despite it being high-waist but it's a personal preference that chiffon is not my kind of thing.

Today is a "collection" day too! There's TaoBao collection later at the warehouse near my in-law place. Hopefully I won't be lazy to post up review the review.

Collected my #Eeyore & it's exploding with cuteness till I can't take it. I showed it to Meimei-in-law & my momma-in-law & they agreed that it's super adorable too. This is the #DisneyUfufy series & I'm glad I managed to get this.

#Disney #TsumTsum

One more photo of this!!

Time for #Taobao order via #EZBuy!


URL: http://m.ezbuy.sg/productdetail.html#product/detail/https:slash%7Cslashslash%7Cslashitem.taobao.comslash%7Cslashitem.htm?id=539153628432?_fromPc=1

💸: SGD4.37

Bought both colors!!

How the black looks like. I have to say for the price, this bag is very good. Material is very thick, there's a short handle for you to carry it on your hand & there's a sling for you to sling the bag too. You can use it 2 ways.

The grey version which I like a lot! Will show a photo of it when sling when I'm home.

Grey & black, next to each other.

Quite nice right?? I love anything tassel~

Before I move on, here's a photo of the bag when sling! Gave the black one to my momma-in-law & I'm glad she likes it a lot.

How the clutch looks like, which is quite a disappointment! Material wise, it's quite good but overall feel wasn't what I'm expecting it to be.

The review for this is very good & I love the color combination here too. BIGMAN & I can share this scarf for our upcoming trip. I guess that justify the price for it? I have very high expectation for this too!

Looks exactly like the photo and according to the label, it's made of 53% wool. The material is good, doesn't fur & I love the feel of it.

Close up of the scarf!


URL: http://m.ezbuy.sg/productdetail.html#product/detail/https:slash%7Cslashslash%7Cslashitem.taobao.comslash%7Cslashitem.htm?id=521343542671?_fromPc=1

💸: SGD8.77

Fits nicely & after wearing for 30 seconds, I feel sooooo hot! Still thinking if I should bring this over to Europe because it's body hugging so if I were to wear tights, it'll be quite obvious.

Style Nanda Polka dot HW vintage shorts

URL: OOS so can't get URL

💸: SGD6.37

The shorts, I think I gave up buying shorts from TAOBAO!!

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