Denim #MichaelKors slip-on!

And the leather one!~

I think being sick & being quarantined at home is a bad thing, I've been clicking & buying online non-stop 🙈🙈.

Anyway, YAY or NAY to the shoes??!

#LoveBonito just launched!
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Dilemma, which color??!

Carted these items from #Althea!


I'm crazy about lip balm!! Think I can bring this to Europe to combat the cold weather.

I love this #EtudeHouse eyelash fixer!

Bought this to try too. Can't bear to spend $30 so I got this instead.

Last item, #PonyEffect Stay Put Eye Stick! Can't wait to receive it.

My #ASOS came in a box! I didn't expect it to be in such a big box.

Christmas Card.

💸: GBP4.80

I didn't expect it to be 3D with the velvet slight pop-up!

So glad I purchased this!

ASOS off shoulder dress.

💸: GBP12.00

I love this dress a lot. I was expecting it to be shorter than this but Yayness when it's long enough to be worn out. I think I found my CNY dress for day ONE.

Boohoo Ruffle Hem T-Shirt Dress

💸: GBP11.20

Another basic dress that I love a lot!

ASOS Bandeau Midi Sundress.

💸: GBP11.30

My favourite of all the purchases 😍! I went back to the website wanting to purchase the white one but it's no longer available. Boo boo, should have gotten both black & white.

Puma longline vest top!

💸: GBP9.80

New running vest! Glad it fits nicely because there's only XXS left and I just carted it stubbornly! Thank God running top usually runs big.

ASOS T-Shirt in Tie Dye.

💸: GBP6.40

Last item!!

My itchy hand went in to ASOS again & guess what I did??!

ASOS Bandeau Midi Sundress

💸: GBP15.00

I can't resist this in white! Bad habit of having to own clothing which I like in different colors.

ASOS Off Shoulder Mini Dress

💸: GBP15.00

This blue looks too prettie to resist!

ASOS Mini Skater Dress with Bardot Neckline

💸: GBP14.00

I can't resist the cutting, let's hope it'll fit me nicely!

ASOS Strappy Back Skater Dress

💸: GBP10.50

For Christmas celebration with BIGMAN even thou he didn't say that he wants to bring me for any in SG.

I'm still considering these:

This monochrome block top!!

This cape sleeve white top is under ASOS white range. I quite like the designs from ASOS White but prices ain't that friendly.

And this top too!! Under ASOS White.

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