Perks of being sick!

I turn to BIGMAN randomly & told him I want to eat corn. Next thing I know, he went out of the house, bought back corn & within 20 mins, I have my cup corn in front of me. I love weekends with my BIGMAN.

#dayrefatties #dayrefoodie

BIGMAN tried to keep me at home but he failed to do so! I drank at least 4 litre of water from morning till now & I'm feeling much better now. So in the name of dinner, I'm out at the neighbourhood market satisfying my craving for wanton Mee.

Look at that big bowl of wanton soup😍.

There's this new Taiwan dessert stall that's open at the market too. There's a queue to it and the couple sitting at the next table seems to enjoy it.

We had the Organic 八宝 bean curd & Gula Melaka Chendol. I love the gula Melaka chendol a lot, the taste is quite strong & nice. As for the bean curd, there is too much Grass Jelly in it.

#Sephora just posted another teaser on their IG.

Another 20% off?

I won't mind because Black Friday wasn't enough for me yet 🙈🙉🙊.

Anybody has any clue on what's coming up?

I was browsing #TaoBao via #EZBuy again and saw this. Anybody uses this before? Is this comfortable enough to prevent shoes from bitting?

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