The night was not wasted because we went all the way to Vivo city just to check out their Christmas tree.

It was quite a fruitful trip because BIGMAN finally bought his down jacket from Zara. And I bought him a tee from Timberland too.

I love how the Christmas tree looks in the reflection. I love taking photos of things in reflection, so much feeling for them.

It is a carousel underneath the Christmas tree. Such a pity that this carousel doesn't move. I've always been a lover of carousel & I love how carousels are easily found especially in European countries.

My throat still hurts so I can't visit her in hospital today, boo boo!

Anyway, wearing my #MDSCollections dress out with my #TaoBao watermelon bag.

Lunch was Truffle Beef bowl which tasted so-so only. I still prefer Fat Cow's beef bowl especially when the lunch set is super worth the money.

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

BIGMAN's Unagi was so-so only too! Quite disappointed with lunch😞. Wasn't feeling well & was expecting to use food to perk myself up but ended up, feeling more meh~

Attended Elle Masterclass in Jem this afternoon.

We get to learn about Brain Dominant and how we should go about to declutter based on that.

Shortly after, we have Chan Han Wei with us too!

@whitechoco @wang_hx @mentalforpolish @ruthneedsmoney and I managed to get a wefie with him!

We managed to snap a photo with the beautiful emcee. Must thank @ruthneedsmoney for helping us get all the photos, especially the wefie with Chan Han Wei because we photobombed her & @mentalforpolish 🙈.

@wang_hx @whitechoco & I went a little crazy with boomerang after the event!!

Saw this very interesting Japanese Tea rice at the hospital food court. This looks too interesting not to give it a try. They serve it with brown rice but I added SGD1.00 to change the rice to Soba.

How the real thing looks like.

The soup was poured into the bowl & served to you instead of giving you the teapot to pour in. The soup tasted quite good with that matcha taste but the soba wasn't that good. There is a strong taste for the soba which I didn't like.

My beef steak was good while the egg was quite a failure because it's fully cooked instead of being cooked at 86degree.

Overall, I think it's quite nice but probably I'll try it again with brown rice and chicken sticks.

I've decided that I needed a small purse/wallet because my current Chanel wallet is too big to fit into my collection of small bags.

My current #Chanel long wallet that I'm using which is too big for all my small bags!

This is a very unique olive color! Think I'll have to drop by the store in SG to check out the actual piece.

This looks good too but I've used their patent wallet before, it requires a lot of careful handling. But this midnight blue, the color is so gorgeous.

This blush is nice too but I think it's hard to maintain?

Or just get a classic design??

I saw this pouch while browsing the website too. This look chic right??

Before I forget, a group photo of us with Chan Han Wei!

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