Wearing #Lovebonito today~~

This pair of culottes is love, I love how flare & structured it looks. The material is really good & this color is lovely too. Nothing not to love about.

The shiokness that I get when mini Twinnie came running and called me Auntie Amanda after not seeing us for 2 weeks~~

Bought this newspaper clutch from #FashMob launch today.

Took some #OOTD today~

This looks like a painting.

Gingerbread man is one of my favorite character and I'm so HAPPIE to spot this. You should have seen how we ran from level 2 all the way down just to basement just take a photo with him. BIGMAN said that I'm so HAPPIE smiling until you can't see my eyes~

Savour Christmas Edition 2016

You can topup your wristband using DBS/POSB card and enjoy 10% off all the stores.

Love the Christmas decoration here with Fairy Lights. I'm staying till late for the fair lights to lit up!

Earlier on when there lesser people. We purposely came around 4ish to avoid the crowd. Actually, I'm just hungry at 4ish so off we went for FOOD.

First stop was Stellar from 1-Altitude

Grilled tiger prawn done to almost perfection. Love the Foie Gras too.

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

Ordered from Mitzo too.

Truffle Abalone & Prawn rice. I think this dish is so-so only. For the tiny abalone & prawn, we had to pay SGD12.00 for it. In the first place, we bought this for the truffle but there isn't much truffle taste.

Next was Luna! We voted for them because we felt that the Pork Belly was the best we had today.

I'm not a porkie person but this Baked & Braised Panceta Iberics is great great great love! There's no way to resist this.

Spanish Flan which is not my kind of food but BIGMAN loves his dessert a lot. I think they put in great effort in their plating too.

Missing individual shot of Wagyu beef burger from Skirt which tasted quite good too. They don't use plain bun. Instead, they use bun with spicy shrimp taste which I prefer over plain bun.

We moved to indoor to enjoy some air con at Jason's Christmas market.

They have samples for their chips whereby you can try before purchasing.

They have many Advert calendar series too.

Found the Fresh Oyster place!

Gourmet oyster from all over the world. BIGMAN is very good in oyster so he picked the oysters which turns out to be juicy & sweet.

Oysters are all freshly open on the spot.

Our oysters were so fresh that we didn't add any lemon or tabasco to it.

So fresh! 3 different type of oyster from different part of France.

Last stall that we tried was from Ember which is such a disappointment.

Kelong mussels and truffle pasta which tasted meh~

I was feeling so disappointed with the pasta, the pasta was cold and there's a not-fresh smell to it. The truffle sauce is not nice too.

What happen to Ember's usual standard???!

After we are done with the food, we went to the center area. It didn't take us very long before we find 2 bean bags side by side for us to chillax on.

Life is good when there's bean bag, fairy lights above me & BIGMAN beside me.

This is the selfie that we took with our sparkling water!

Best part about #Savour has to be Fairy Lights.

More fairy lights under diff mode~!!

Cheers to sparkling water. BIGMAN was saying, it'll be nice if we can visit Christmas market and in those cold weather during winter, we can feast on wine all we want and not feel cold or get drunk.

I told him I'll still prefer my Eur0.50 sparkling water in Europe than having a Eur2.00 wine/beer.

It started drizzling a little when we were slacking on the bean bag so we took out brolly and continue to chillax. Thank God it was a short 5 mins passing rain.

Beautiful night at Savour 2016~

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