#Sephora is having 20% off on Black Friday but do note that not ALL items are on sales. Do check out the items that are under the individual tab to check if the brand that you are keen to purchase is under the sales.


Alternatively, you may view the desktop view to see the brands that are on sale for this Black Friday sales.

I was supposed to attend an event at BIGMAN's workplace but due to a change of time, I have to give it a miss because I've a date with my wifey for her birthday lunch. The plan was to head out for her bday high tea then rush over.

It's quite obvious I've chosen the girlie over BIGMAN, especially when it's her birthday today. Can't wait to enjoy the high tea with her before rushing home for dinner with momma & BIGMAN.


Website to view the Black Friday deals.

#LoveBonito just launched!
@sh3rifoo @felicetsy @sabsoh @huilin__ @whitechoco @sxnoonlush @ruthneedsmoney @sodapopp @lovingmumz @bowiechuah @Allicsirpy @teebeijia @acrxtheuniverse @jerine @cheryllee @linettewhz @saudaded @cherylxong @imalittleteapot

Will this be too loud?

Im unable to check out my order from LB. The payment details kept reflecting & asking me to choose an address which I have done so.


Managed to cart the GOLD skirt. Can't wait to receive it.

We spent 4 hours at Island Cafe & Bar in the afternoon. It's such a nice place to chill there & I'm glad wifey loves the place a lot. Personally, I love places with full length window/glass which allows full penetration of sun.

I'm quite upset that they no longer carry the Peranakan style high tea. For the month of November, they have a special November set menu which consist of this Lobster Bisque as appetizer.

The bisque tasted quite alright but I find that it's not thick enough for my liking. There is 2 half-prawn in it too, I was expecting lobster meat instead.

#dayrefatties #dayrefoodie

You can choose either beef stew with carrot & mash potato as main.

Or choose grilled Dory fish.

I don't fancy the beef stew but wifey likes her fish a lot.

Dessert was brownie with ice milk tea ice cream. Too sweet for our liking.

Tonight's dinner was 2 salted egg crab and 2 Chilli crab.

Chilli crab which tasted so delish!

ASOS having 50% off Cold wear and I'm tempted to get a few items before their Black Friday sales.

This high neck dress with long sleeve looks good. Paired it with leggings and my winter boots, I'm ready to go.

💸: GBP14.00

The red version looks good too.

💸: GBP14.00

I'm not sure how this tee-dress falls under the winter collection but this looks too comfy to say no?

💸: GBP14.00

Received a call and off we go to the hospital. Praying for everything to be alright. 2016 has been a year too scary with too many hospital visits & death passing us a few times & eventually taking the life of a dear one in my life.

A china man is scolding the poor nurse in A&E, he even scolded the nurse Pig Head in his loud & accurate Chinese. Omygosh. I pity the nurses here especially the young guy & girl who got scolded so loudly.

His daughter/friend is trying to push him away but he kept scolding the poor nurse. He left when a group of doctors/Cisco personnel came and look for him.

Let's learn to be kind to the poor nurses who are working so hard at this hour.

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