Our Starbucks night date~~!!!

Throwback to last night when we went around collecting photos with Christmas tree.

It's really a pity that we are flying to Europe on Christmas Day due to a close friend's wedding on Christmas Eve that I'm helping out with. By the time we reach Europe, it'll be on 26th which means Christmas markets are all gone. I miss Christmas markets around Europe and I miss the vibe of it. Such a pity that we are missing them this year.

Wearing the versatile #TheClosetLover top with a jumper for a family gathering at Chalet.

Awkward hand but DW shoutout~~

I think this close up photo looks better.

Have you meet people who always think that they are always better, more knowledgable, have better life experience than others?

In simply explanation, ARROGANCE.

There are explanations for arrogance psychologically but still, it's amazing to watch them perform their superiority & give a speech as thou they are the best, putting down others.

I feel that no matter how superior you feel you are, NEVER put people down.


Wearing my #Fossil customized bracelet today. Loving the color combination.

Blessing from Popo even thou it's her birthday.

I LOL-ED at this~

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