Look what arrived today! I'm impressed by the efficiency of the courier service.

I think this #SkinInc set is very worth the price especially when I am using almost all the products. I love how skininc works well for my skin and improvement is visible!

#dayrebeauty #dayreskincare

The kind people from #Heroine sent over their new eyeliner for me to try. I'm a big fans of their eyeliner & have been using them for 6-7 years. Can't wait to try them on tmr.

What's for lunch today. Finally get to try this.

#dayrefatties #dayrefoodie

How it looks like.

There is a packet of sachet for the soup base and a packet of garlic oil for you to put into the soup.

The noodle is quite chewy even thou I overcook it. The soup base is nice too and I love it a lot. The Nissin from Hong Kong tasted really different from those in SG and I think it's worth my effort bringing them back!

What I'm wearing for date night with BIGMAN. This is an old old dress from #ASOS that I used to love a lot.

Loving the back of the dress~~

Went to #LoveBonito to try this playsuit and it's too short for me.

The grey one! I love the cutting of this a lot but it's too short for me.

Bring BIGMAN for this Ala Carte Japanese buffet.

Sashimi 😍😍

BIGMAN was so HAPPIE when they served this fried salmon fish head.

I had cheese Chawanmushi which tasted quite unique with a thick layer of cheese. We had mushroom miso & salmon miso too. Love the wide variety of food here.

I love this torched tuna & mentaiko salmon too. It's rare that I take cooked fish but these 2 are very well-cooked.

Grilled stuff! I ordered 4 sticks of ladies finger, a pity they don't have grilled mushroom.

Took #OOTd at my favourite somserset bridge!

This #Hourglass palette is finally available here in SG.

#dayrebeauty #dayremakeup

This Lancome set for $50! Makes me feel so HAPPIE with my purchase during Loreal's private sales.

Toofaced lippie at $19.90. Perfect for Christmas gift exchange in office.

Clinique came up with a calendar advert too.

Stuff that they are giving. I hope to see more advert sets in Singapore & of course, I wish that the items that they give are of values instead of just giving people sample size items.

Walked down Orchard to look at the Christmas lighting with BIGMAN. This used to be a family tradition but now as I grow up, I continued this tradition with BIGMAN. I hope in future when we have children, our children will enjoy such walk as much as their mother does.

Earlier on when we are in Pazzion! I love BIGMAN's pair of shoe from Timberland that I chose for him.

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