Heading to this Loreal sales! Let's hope there will be good deals and I'll practice self control!

I don't usually go for such sales even with invitation because I'm bad with crowd. For this sales, I saw a few brands that I love and I heard that the deals are usually good. So I'm heading down to take a look.

Let's hope there will be good deals there~

Wearing #TheClosetLover top with a Skort that I bought from Taiwan years ago and my #TaoBao white vest.

Wearing #JillStuart lippie today!


How the shade looks on me. This is what BIGMAN picked for me and I'm quite surprised that I love how this bright color looks on me. I guess my choice of lippie has always been nude or those on the "safe" side.

$80! Should I?

Palettes! Naked 2 is going at $60 only.

Went a little crazy and thank God my dearest +1 is with me, if not I'll never be able to battle the crowd. I think the deals are good with lipstick/lipgloss from YSL/UrbanDecay/Lancome going at $20-$30 each.

I didn't know Central mall has such beautiful Christmas tree!!


#LoveBonito just launched!
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I've been wanting to try #Lancome Advanced Génifique serum and I'm glad this set is available at the sales.

Lancome Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Concentrate, 30ml.

Retail Price: SGD130.00

Lancome Advanced Génifique Yeux Light-Pearl Eye Illuminator, 20ml.

Retail Price: SGD110.00

The set at the sales consist of:
– Above 2 pieces
– 1 piece of Lancome Génifique Youth Activatin second skin mask (worth SGD19.00)
– 1 sample size of Lancome Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Concentrate(5ml)
– 1 eye cream
Total Price: SGD100.00

BEST DEAL ever from the sales.

This Lancome Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Concentrate is a pre-serum which prepare our skin for better absorption of serums and items that we are putting on our face. It will help to repair and rejuvenate our skin, making it more youthful.

I don't use any eye serum for now but I felt there is a need to start now before any winkles appear.

I'm going to start using them tonight, let's hope I'll see visible result within 10 days like what the website & advert stated!

I've been using this LANCÔME
Tonique Douceur for years and it remains as my favourite for Toner. Many toners consist of alcohol or fragrance but this, it's alcohol & fragrance free that's suitable for sensitive skin. Even thou it's alcohol free, I still find it strong enough to clean and prep our skin. I love the nature Rose fragrance too.

Retail Price for 400ml is about SGD75.00 but I paid SGD30.00 for this.

Another good deal! Lancome UV Expert XL-Shield™ is my favourite sunblock. Remember how I was asking for sunblock recommendation previously because this is too expensive to be purchase from SG.

Lancome UV Expert XL-Shield™, 30ml.

Retail Price: SGD75.00.

For this sale, they are selling 2 in a packet for only SGD50.00! I'm glad now I can use back my favourite sunblock.

#Biotherm is another hot counter with people grabbing!

Retail price for this is SGD35.00 but I got it at SGD15.00 from the sales. I used to use this moisturizer a year back. Decided to get a small bottle to use since it's so cheap at the sales.

This set is another favourite of mine. I love Lancôme's mascara a lot.

Item in this set:
– Pencil eyeliner
– Their signature mascara
– Mini lipgloss
– Nude color nail polish

Total price: SGD30.00

Lipgloss shade which I think is quite sweet & can be use.

Collected my first batch of #EzbuySg stuff that has arrived.

#taobao #mandytaobao

The stock photo looks really good and the material seem to be quite thick too.

The grey one looks good too!

How the red beanie looks on me. The color is darker than the stock photo but I think the actual color looks nicer than the stock photo.

Material wise, it's very thick and very good. I think it'll keep me warm in winter. I've paid much more in SG getting beanies that are not as thick as this. So I'm quite HAPPIE with this purchase and I'm bringing it to Europe with me.

The grey one! I think this is a very good purchase and boast my confidence in Taobao's winter stuff.

How it looks like!

How the shawl looks like! Exactly like the stock photo and the material is quite good. I wrapped it around my neck for a while and I'm starting to feel warm.

Nochi Christmas Hat

URL: http://m.intl.taobao.com/detail/detail.html?id=522837264864

Price: SGD1.71

Gotten this for the various #Christmas that we will be having!

Hello Mr Snow Man. The quality is not bad and the hat fits my head nicely.

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