Hello! I'm still at HK airport when I'm supposed to be home now.

I think the curse of flight delay has been following me since my Korea trip in August to my Bangkok trip in October and now, even Hong Kong.

Feels good to be home on my bed especially after a tiring day with flight delay!

Anyway, I forgot to share about this 聪嫂dessert place that's always packed with people. This is 2 road away from Time Square in Causeway Bay.

According to my HK friend, this was opened in 2014/15. Since then, they are always packed and won a lot of awards. I'm glad during this visit, I'm able to bring momma & BIGMAN here.

#HongKong #dayretravel #mandytravellog

I love their mango ice shave. It's hard to find ice shave that uses real mango for blending. The shave itself is thick & the sweetness came from the real mango that was used instead of using artificial coloring or flavoring.

The honeydew ice shave was good too but I prefer the thicker and sweeter mango ice shave instead.

This is the best fruitie ice shave I've ever tasted so far, even those in Taiwan can't beat this. Do give it a try if you are heading to HK.

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

When I'm in Hong Kong, I'll always stay in Holiday Inn Golden Mile. For $320-$370 per night, I get a room with 2 queen size bed with ample of space and this is something rare in HK. I've stayed in a horrible 4 stay hotel where the room only has a single bed and the toilet is so small that you have to get out of it to wipe yourself dry.

Usually I'll take a room when I'm on a girlie trip & 4 of us have ample of space for ourselves. For this trip, I'm glad everyone is HAPPIE with the room too.

Plenty of space in the room.

Loots from HK.

Brunch for today!

Bought this back to try too! Plus the packaging looks too adorable. They have many places selling #Line stuff which are very similar to what Korea is selling.

Bought this back to try too. Hopefully it'll be as good as the one I've gotten from Jeju.

There's more of this that's in the fridge. I'm not sure why SG stop bringing this in but this is my favourite sweet during childhood days.

I'm not sure how this works but I saw many people requesting for this and some girls raving about it. So I bought 2 packets to try.

The only sizes available is M & L. I'm very confused with the sizing so I bought both to try out.

From H&M. The reindeer socks is for me to wear in the hotel/BnB during Europe winter trip. And the beanie too!

Eyeshadow palette from H&M beauty. I'm too lazy to show which color did I bought and the swatches. I'll show this when I'm feeling not lazy to open my Jill Stuart stuff.

#LoveBonito just launched!
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Carted this in S!

Bought this #Canmake brush because it feels so soft and when I tried it in the store, it works quite well. I've bought brushes that doesn't pick up powder at all and it makes me feel so silly spending 💰💰 on them.


The 2 boxes of sheet mask from SexyLook are one of my favourite.

I found this bubble charcoal mask and I've never seen anything like this before. Bought it to give it a try. Will share more on the bubble mask when I start to use it.

I've seen this expensive mask on many episodes of 女人我最大 previously. I've seen some raving about this too but I'm unwilling to pay so much for it. But you know how during holiday, you'll lost all the logic and just buy whatever there is? Bought all 3 to try. If I recall correctly, this cost HKD68(SGD13) per box with 3 pieces of mask in it. Let's hope it's really worth my 💰💰.

This is a bath bomb whereby they have a hidden character in it after the whole thing dissolved. I've seen this on Japanese magazines before but couldn't find it in SG.

Praying hard for a melody! We will be bringing this to Europe to play. I told BIGMAN if it's Hello Kitty, I'll leave it there 😂.

#Melody lipcare!

So adorable! I'm glad it's easy to find Melody stuff in Taiwan or HongKong as compared to SG.

You have to turn and it will be open. The pink stick is the lip balm which you can apply. I'm definitely bringing this out with me to use.

Bought this for fun too!

I need to stop buying adorable lip balm home from overseas. I do use them but I've already collected so many from my Taiwan & Korea trip. I think I won't need to buy them for the next 5-8 years.

My whole bag of Jill Stuart which I'll open when I'm feeling less lazy. I love the limited edition Jill Stuart lipstick and BIGMAN help me choose a color which I think is very bold.

My delivery from US was being delivered today too but I'm too lazy and rushing out. I'll open it tmr and share on what it is. I hope it doesn't disappoint me.

Exploring new place.

Went to #Starbucks to take a look at their Christmas lanyard collection.

Choose this in the end! I think this is worth to purchase because you pay $28 & you still get a $20 Starbucks card.

Tried this salted egg seafood pot with garlic bread and it tasted not bad. Jie & BIGMAN stole some of my salted egg sauce to put on their fries & rice.

Ordered fried onion and it tasted good. Very rare to see places selling fried onion and even more rare that it taste good.

There's a very comfortable area at Tampines hub which will show movie for the rest of this week with beanie and beach chair. If you stay in Tampines, you can drop by and chillax there.

Dropped by Sephora to check out their holiday gift set. This is an advert calendar which cost SGD62. I feel that it's not very worth for the items that they are giving. At least, I won't buy this.

Items that's in this Sephora Advert calendar.

This is very nice too. Felt tempted but I don't think I'll ever utilize it.

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