I'm just done with the day and resting on my bed. Lazy to adjust the timing so I'll continue Day Two here.

Double mango from 许留山. Basically it's just thick mango blend with mango jelly. I'm not a sweet tooth person but this tasted really good. I didn't expect the jelly to taste this good.

BIGMAN's Mango pomelo sago in a cup. It's not sweet at all and I prefer my mango double instead of this.

#dayretravellog #mandytravellog #hongkong

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

My favourite food in Hong Kong! I won't consider it a complete HK trip if I don't come here for my FAVOURITEs.

The stall selling Smelly Tofu is just beside this signage. I think they belongs to the same place whereby they sell very yummie curry fishball, intestines, fried food, smelly tofu & HK style yong tofu.

That's the smelly tofu with the 3 sauces available. I love to put the chilli sauce in the middle on top on my smelly tofu. Spam that and your smelly tofu will taste even better.

Hello smelly tofu!!

The top is curry fishball and the one at the bottom is mala fishball. I think curry fishball tasted really good and I love this a lot. You don't get such tasty and delish fishball from every stall in HK. Mala doesn't have much taste so I'll suggest skipping it.

Our mala & curry fish balls. Bought both taste for the family to try.

Summarizing Day Two!

Starting my day from Tsim Sha Tsui.

Then we went off to Central for Pierre Herme before we head off to Star Ferry for our Rickshaw bus ride whereby we dropped off at a few points.

I think the rickshaw bus ride is worth our 200HKD because the family gets to see a lot of faces of HK on the comfort of the bus. We dropped by main places such as Jordan, Tsim Sha Tsui, Causeway Bay etc.

This is my 5th HK trip & this is the 2nd time I'm taking the rickshaw bus. Still enjoy it as much as the first time I took it 4 years ago.

Part one of my loot from Watsons & H&M! So glad to be doing shopping even thou I can't find any Adidas slip on here.

My #JillStuart items. I love their products a lot, wish they have this in SG.

Wearing my #LoveBonito dress today.

Breakkie was at Ocean Empire! Can you spot BIGMAN queuing up?

The porridge tasted good but I have to say the service is bad. We ordered 8 bowls of porridge and I think all of them looks the same to us since we ordered quite similar stuff. They just left it at our table and tell us to figure out which is what on our own.

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

Instant Japanese corn!

I'm not sure if I should be HAPPIE or sad but my flight is being delayed for 4 hours so we will reach SG at 5am Monday morning.

This also means I have a full day in HK~

Changing station at Admiralty!

Off to Wan Chai for another of my favourite foodie place which 周潤發 is often spotted!

Famous 1-Star Michelin roasted meat restaurant, Kam's Goose noodle.


Roasted goose leg!

Suckling pig with char siew. No words can describe how delish this suckling pig is.

We went during lunch time about 1ish and waited an hour before we have gotten a seat. The previous time, I was here at 4ish, waited for 30mins before I get a seat.

Took some #OOTD on the street, managed to capture some with the tram aka Ding Ding.

Pink Ding Ding~~

My favourite in Tiffany blue.

Welcome to Causeway Bay

Look what I found in HK!

High 5^



So adorable right?


Only pair of slip on I found at Time Square.

I love this wool pullover a lot but this cost 2000hkd(sgd400). Too expensive ah~

I'm feeling all Christmas-ie in Time Square Causeway bay because of the Xmas exhibition that's going on. There's so many things that I want to buy for our future home.

Beautiful carousel made from cupboard.


Melody plush!

They have a #TsumTsum advert calendar for Christmas but it's also very expensive and bulky for us to bring back.

Can you spot my favourite Eeyore?

I saw this really prettie #Snoopy clock that I wanna get for our new home but decided not too because I don't even know when the house will come😂.

Hello Kitty & Melody hand cream.

More cutie hand cream.

Lip gloss which I couldn't resist and bought it.

So adorable right?

I think this shop is a hello kitty fan's heaven! So many kitty stuff.

Kitty mask too.

Unique cutie small sushi which we bought to try. The sashimi is very fresh and I think this makes a good snack. Too bad we don't have this in SG.

Went to #Disney store at HK airport and went crazy inside. I'm a huge Disney fan, especially TsumTsum, eeyore, Duffy & Minnie!

Duffy blanket.

Full of Duffy~

Star Wars TsumTsum!

TsumTsum heaven😍

So adorable~~

With my BIGMAN!

Thanks for taking care of your injury-prone & easily-fall-sick wife at all times. I know I have not been too nice & easy to deal with for the past 3 days with an injured back & an uncomfy gastric which caused me to vomit so much but you have been so patience with me.

I'm looking forward to our winter trip where we get to explore the new places and experience winter together after heading for a few winter trips separately on our own.

If I knew there will be a delay until I have to take red eye flight back home, I'll not wear dress today. Thank God BIGMAN has a thick and good jacket for me to wear.

Can't wait to board my plane soon. I'm feeling so sleepy. And I'm not sure what's the association with me and flight delay. Last month's Bangkok trip, my plane was delayed until 11.50pm too from 8pm.

I pray hard that our Europe trip, we will not experience anymore delay. Can't wait to head home to sleep.

I'm supposed to be on my delayed plane flying off now but there's NO PLANE in sight at the gate at all. The airport personnel told us that they are not sure what time the plane will be landing.


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