#LoveBonito hang-ed
#EZBuy hang-ed too~~

I managed to view 1 page of sales item before its down and some items are like Sold out??

I managed to load all 8 pages for LB sales. The few items that I wanted has no size at all.

Save πŸ’°πŸ’° for LB while I refresh harder for EZBuy! Anybody managed to cart out?

#ASOS sales!

BIG damage but so satisfied to cart out! Yayness~~

All I can say, #Taobao is evil.

I'm so tired~~

After all the sales, I've packed my luggage briefly before heading to bed at 3ish and here I am, on the way to airport. I hope I didn't forget to bring anything important or essential.

Worn out my Timberland boots to ensure that its still working well. And I'm glad that I can pull out my long sleeve top from #LoveBonito.

Our customized passport holder from Bangkok, finally can utilize it after keeping it for a month.

Ready to catch up on my beauty sleep. Goodbye SG~~!!!!

How heaven looks like! We have landed safely and its 18degree outside now. I can't image how the temperature will be at night!

I'm layering with my #Adidas sweatshirt because I'm super scare of cold & 18degree is super cold for me.

The bridge that appears on so many TVB drama~

I saw this on plane and felt so tempted to get one because I'm one of those who are lazy to tie shoelace. If it's in one color instead of so many colors, I would have paid for it because it looks so interesting!!

Dinner with a view at Bu Dao Weng iSquare.

So I started vomiting and felt super unwell after dinner 😒. My previous trip last year, I had a massive toothache which tortured me thru out the trip. I hope this vomiting & unwell will be gone soon.

Our shopping trolley when it's supposed to be only mineral water & medicine!

I managed to grab all the 5 unique flavours of Nissin noodle in Hong Kong. And can you spot the yellow Frutips? I'm not sure why SG discontinued them but they are my all time favourite.

I intend to stock more of them up~~

And I know I'm not supposed to be drinking Taiwan milk tea NOW but there's always tmr morning to look forward to right?

As usual, I can't resist and say no to these. Yes I bagged home to #HelloKitty too even thou I'm not a fanπŸ™ˆ. There are princesses and many other design but I only grabbed these 5 and logically ask myself to put back more.


Half my Day One in HK is spent vomiting and resting in hotel. I hope that it'll be all good tmr~~

Time to sleep & pray that I'll recover.

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