The boomerang that we did at #Fossil event earlier on with @whitechoco & momma Shine.

What I bagged home from Metro Christmas event.

I love the nutcracker, going to keep it for our new home. The bear has passed BIGMAN's quality check too and is now sitting on bed with me.

I used the voucher given to us to get the limited edition #Chanel latest limited edition lip gloss. When I saw the lipgloss and how we open and close it, I'm sold and knew that I had to bring it home.

My #Chanel πŸ’„


There is a total of 2 colors, coral or nude. I opted for the bright coral because I have a few nude ones at home.

The packaging of this Chanel lipgloss is in full black with a gold Chanel logo at the tip.

Very beautiful gold Chanel logo. If you want to open the lipgloss, press lightly at the tip where the Chanel logo is at.

It'll spring up lightly and your lipgloss is now open and ready to be use!

I love this packaging for the lipgloss! Super chic & nice.

My choice for this limited edition!

From Fossil event!

This is the customized bracelet that we have gotten. Love this color combination a lot & I was telling the girls I love this emo-box.

My #LoveBonito top has arrived! They have started using a new courier service, ZAP delivery, which is quite efficient.

How the back looks like. This is how it looks when worn. To be honest, this top is a little complicated to wear. You have to ensure that the cross are properly placed before you put your head over the 2 loops.

They have uploaded a few items that will be up for sales. I like this combination a lot. Since I have the culottes, I want to get this top to pair with it too.

Anyway this is how the Chanel limited edition lipgloss in coral color.
@Nefuhs for you πŸ™‚

I think most girls are prepared for the 11.11 #EZbuy sales for shopping with #TaoBao. I've finalized my cart with quite a bit of winter wear. Will topup my account later on and I'll just have to check out and I'll be ready for the sales.

There's also LB 11.11 sales, I'm hoping that the website not to crash.

Things that I'm confirm getting:

Pink beanie for winter trip.

Scarf for winter trip.

Another scarf for winter trip. I think this will look good on BIGMAN!

Dottie shorts!

I need a clutch!

Carted both color too since I can't decide which to get and this is relatively cheap.

Things I'm considering:


This one, super expensive at $50ish

That's all for TaoBao. I can't wait for LB & hopefully ASOS will have some good deals. I think I'll have to sleep late again even thou I have an early flight to catch tmr, 11.11 sales is too good to miss.

I wanted the unicorn portable charger but BIGMAN went NO! 😒

Worn my #Adidas tee dress out today. Wanted to bring it to Hong Kong but I think it's not wise to wear dress for rainy season.

The way my grab driver is stepping on accelerator & brake is scary. I've never seen someone drive until so badly till I'm feeling a little scare for my own safety. I don't think taxi uncle is as bad as this 😳.

I had the navy one since its launch in August and it has been my favourite dress.

Since I'm in town for another event, I squeeze out time to drop by and tried the baby blue. It's fully lined and not sheer at all. And yes, I'll contradict myself and bring this to Hong Kong with me.

I'm having a quick snacks before my event now. I've been skipping lunch quite a bit, when you are home, you'll feel unmotivated to find proper food.

Anyway, BIGMAN and I chatted till 3am last night before I fell asleep. I can feel the Z-Monster attacking me now because I woke up at 8am.

I think I'll have to stay awake for quite a bit tonight with all the sales going on. And yes, I need to reach airport at 7am too. Hopefully I'll be able to catch up on my sleep on plane.

Attended #Uniqlo X Carine Roitfeld preview today.

Their winter chic collection!



I bagged this camo jacket home from the collection.

Thanks #Elle & #Uniqlo for having me and the voucher to shop this preview collection!

Took a photo of the new camo jacket with my adidas dress!

Dinner was Teppei and I love it a lot. Had the salad with sesame sauce which tasted really good.

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

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