After Keisuke Ramen Tori King's tasting, we head off to town to do some shopping!

Dropped by #LoveBonito & tried this pleated romper. I think this is a nice romper that is well-designed with a good cutting but I don't think I carry it well.

I'm wearing S which fits nicely at the shorts area and slightly loose at the top part. Overall I feel that it makes me look fat so I put it back onto the rack!

Went to try this dress which was launched yesterday. I love this a lot and basically this is something that you'll see me wear. This dress is not lined but it's not sheer too. There's pockets as well which is another factor that makes me feel tempted to bag this home.

Close up of the color.

I tried on the grey color dress too and this is how the grey looks like. I'll think that the blue one is nicer than the grey version.

I didn't bag this home because I think $42 is a little high for a dress like this. And I have a few items that are similar to this so yap, save πŸ’°πŸ’°.

Next stop was #TheClosetLover where I influence Jas to try on clothing & BUY them πŸ™ˆπŸ™ŠπŸ™‰.


Went to try this woven skirt. The material is good and I love the design of this too. But I don't think I can carry it well because it's quite tight at the hip area and length-wise, it's a little short for me.

I'm not a skirt person too, I don't like how some skirts can emphasize on my big hip😭😭.

Tried this top too & I quite like it. Think it looks weird to pair it with the skirt. I bagged home the Olive piece instead because it's too comfy & nice to give it a miss.

Casual outfit for today to my in-law place. There's serious fogging at my place today and the previous time they did that, there were so many pest invading the house and it was so scary.

This time round, BIGMAN and momma sealed up & sprayed bygone at all the possible window gaps and whatever they could think of. But I'm still to fearful to stay home.

I went in to Victoria secret to get a lipgloss. I remember a few years back, I received a set of lip gloss as Christmas gift. Out of random, I went to try it on and some accidentally went into my mouth & I gasp because their lipgloss taste like honey! Unknowingly, I finished them within a month by applying, licking them off then applying again.

And yes, I "eat" finish my lipgloss. I hope I'm not alone in thisπŸ™ˆ.


Their lipgloss cost $19.90 each and they have having a promotion of Buy 2 Get 1 free in their store now. I think this looks quite adorable especially when it comes with a free charm.

How the gloss looks like on me. The shimmer is not overwhelming at all and I love the sweet taste of the gloss too.

Together with #EZBuy, they are giving away $50 shopping vouchers on Instagram for #Taobao 11.11. Head over to my IG(@mandalogy21) if you are keen to win the $50 shopping vouchers.

I'm looking around for Christmas decoration and this year, I decided to purchase them via #TaoBao since there's #EZBuy 11.11 sales.

Snowman puppet that looks so adorable!

I can't resist this unique Christmas hat!


This reindeer is very adorable. Think I can use this to give cookies for the little ones this Xmas instead of the usual Xmas socks.

This figurine is quite adorable too. It'll look adorable under Christmas tree or in kor's cafe.

#LoveBonito just launched!
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I had a hard time choosing which color to get for this top. Ended up choosing the grey because the cross over is more obvious on grey than black.

I think this simple banner is nice!

I think this looks more cheerful!

Papa-in-law bought these from Bedok market and I love how delish they look.

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

Done up a brief itinerary for my Hong Kong trip this coming weekend. Felt HAPPIE & satisfied that another item got ticked off the "To-Do" list.

Forgot to share about this very delicious fresh fish slice charcoal steamboat in Ang Mo Kio.

I'm not a fan of cooked fish and I avoided them deliberately. But for this, I'll specially request to have this on a rainy days. It's rare to see fish steamboat using charcoal, mostly are using gas.

We refilled the soup twice & it tasted very good still. The next time I'm back there again, perhaps I'll order some seafood to add on. Saw people adding seafood & it looks good too.

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