Previously I shared about how I managed to import an #Adidas sweatshirt from their US website.

I managed to do so via USkoopSG(IG handle: USkoopSG). They are a online concierge who help shoppers buy and get their purchases delivered with a simplified and integrated shopping process.

The homepage of USkoopSG: http://www.uskoop.com.sg

Some of the websites that they are collaborating with.

Can you spot Nordstorm, Old Navy or even Mark and spencer?

More brands! Can you spot #Adidas?

You can click on the brand and there will be a pop-up for you to select the option to head to the website directly.

You will be directed to Adidas US website where you can shop limited edition items or items that you can't get in Singapore!

You can even customize your own Adidas and have them shipped in to Singapore via USkoopSG.

Or this sweatshirt! I've been looking high and low for a non-black sweatshirt but I can't find any. Not even on ASOS!

So I'm glad when USkoopSG came and find me for advert because I know shopping from USA is no longer a dream or hassle with their help to simplify shopping.

Another website is Nordstorm where you can get a lot of beauty limited edition items that are OOS or not available in SG.

I was hesitating between the ADIDAS sweatshirt and this #HourGlass palette that's like forever OOS in SG. Or was it even available?

They have sets too which are so appealing!

After you have decide what you want, copy the link of the item.

Copy the link into the search link at USkoopSG website then press the search button.

It'll start to search for the item so wait a while for it!

It'll show you the product price in SGD together with the Handling & Shipping fee.

The price that is stated is FIX so you do not need to worrie about HIDDEN CHARGES or FEEs!

They allow installment with DBS credit cards with minimum purchase of $350. If you intend to buy branded stuff via the websites that they are collaborating with, you can opt for installment too.

Once you click on "BUY for me", there will be a pop-up which will let you choose shipping option before you have to click ok "BUY for me" again.

Remember to scroll down to the DISCOUNT CODE part to quote <MandaxUSKP> to enjoy a $10 discount off handling & shipping fee.

Once you have check out & pay, you can login to your account and track the order.

You can track your orders here.

My orders from Adidas USA website took 13 days to arrive and I'm impressed that standard delivery took so fast to arrive.

Some highlights will be Kylie's lippie.

Another tip for USkoopSG, check out the individual website that you are keen to purchase and when there are sales, it's time to make the purchase. There will be sales during festive season such as pre-Christmas and such. I find that it's a good deal to purchase from these website using USkoopSG because some items can be very cheap.

A GAP top can cost quite a bit in SG but during sales, it'll be very affordable and reasonable to purchase from them.

You can purchase items from a few websites and check out once. This will save you the hassle of needing to do multiple-check out. I love this because it saves time & trouble, there's no need to create account on individual website or having to key in address on individual website.

I think USkoopSG has change a little of how I'll shop in future. They have made shopping more convenient. Items that we can dream about having is made accessible thru them too.

Remember to quote <MandaxUSKP> to enjoy $10 off handling & shipping fee with a minimum purchase of $50!

Have a fun time shopping~~

Disclaimer: This is an advert post but all the opinions in this entry is 100% mine!

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