Our 4 soup base! We ordered 2 rounds of food and I'm feeling so full now.

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

With my BIGMAN!

It has been a while since I hang out with my girlies till past midnight. I think age is really catching up on me. But it was such a fun night where we talk about everything under the sun & laugh at our own silliness & jokes.

We junk-ed today because I want to play monopoly 🙈.

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

Anybody love the annual monopoly game too?

My #Adidas sweatshirt has arrived! I'll share tmr on how I imported my sweatshirt from US website.

Took a few photos, can't decide which to post.



I quite like this!!

First time trying Tea Tree cafe bubble tea. The yakult mango with their special red Pearl tasted very sweet even thou I only choose 50% sugar level.

Worn #TheClosetLover basic tee out paired with my #TheStageWalk skirt. It's rare to see me in skirt because I'm lazy to pair them but basics like this is so comfy to wear and pair.

Remember to quote <AmandaXTSW> to enjoy 10% off for TSW purchase.

Dropped by PERKZ cafe for their desserts & tea.

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