Bought this #Adidas dress!

There's finally size for this too so I can't say No! Bought this too.

This beanie looks adorable too so I bought it as well for my winter trip!

I need to put myself up on some SHOPPING BAN 🙊🙈🙉

Wearing #theclosetlover top and in pinkish tone today. It's momma-in-law birthday so I decided to wear something bright & cheerful!

Wearing NARS lippie today!

Yayness! Can't wait to receive my adidas loots. But why my LB is not being dispatched yet ☹️.

I can't wait to finish my assignment and submit it by next Monday. I'll be able to take a breather & enjoy the overly-rush Hong Kong trip before I go for my last exam.

Then, I'll have a month to sit down & plan my Europe trip proper. Out of my 5 trips to Europe, this is the most laid back ever. I hope to find time to sit down and plan the trip proper, visiting & exploring new ground with BIGMAN.

When I'm back from Europe in January, it'll be time to find my dream job & start to earn 💰💰. It's quite scary that I've been spending so much 💰💰 with no salary. Feels 💔💔 to look at my saving account now!

Been a while since I KFC-ed 😋.

#dayrefatties #dayrefoodie

Papa-in-law added a spicy squid for din-din! So delish that I can't stop eating!

Second birthday cake for momma-in-law! Hazelnut heart shape cake which is too overly sweet for my liking.

My #Laneige lip sleeping mask has arrived today. I'm quite surprise by the generosity of the samples that they give. I wasn't expecting them to give me so many samples since I've only bought a small item from them.

I've finished my first lip sleeping mask over the past 6 months & I love how effective it is. For a small bottle at SGD27, it kept my cracky lip moisturize & ensure that it doesn't crack or bleed out of nowhere.


I love this combination. I guess by now it's not hard to guess that I love basics.

This looks adorable too!

"#Taobao 11.11 is coming & it will be The Craziest Sales Ever on 11th Nov. Everything will be so cheap that you can save up to 11 TIMES with #EZBuy this coming 11th Nov!"

I posted the full caption on my IG(@mandalogy21) & I can't wait to share more deals on the 11.11 sales in a few days time.

11.11 is known as Singles' day or we called it 光棍节 in China & it's a big day where singles celebrate & socialize. It'll also be a day where many online/offline shops will have massive discount.

TaoBao/ezbuy will be having a massive discount and I'm guessing there will definitely be our favourite FREE AGENT FEE as well. I have not gotten the full details yet but I'm quite certain it'll be a good discount.

I need to topup my ezbuy account & cart out my items at midnight just in case they go OOS!

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