Wearing #TheStageWalk blush dress for today. Remember to quote <AmandaXTSW> for 10% off.

I'm so pink today & I'm not very used to itπŸ˜….

Goro Goro with my dearest ex-colleague.

@daphnetxy @lovingmumz @bowiechuah

Yummie steamboat buffet at $12.90. I think this place has a wide variety of food & it's quite worth.

#dayrefatties #dayrefoodie

#LoveBonito restocked!
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Tried on this dress that I'm aiming for this week launch but the material is slightly too thick for my liking.

I tried on this checkered top. The material is quite thick & I love it a lot. Bought this in the end to use for layering for my winter trip.

Instead of red & blue, I've bought the navy & white instead.

With every purchase from LB pop-up store, you'll be entitled to an alphabet bracelet. I've selected A because A for Amanda!

This is how the bracelet looks like.

I'm slacking in library now and it was a quiet 2 hours before these 2 guys came and begin talking loudly.

I think the whole area can hear their life story of how they wanted to sign on but ended up being man so no choice has to go uni. They are graduating next year, they have to face the tough job market.

I'm annoyed by their loud talking and also how 2 guys can sit in the library & start whining to each other so loudly. Are they oblivious to their surrounding? Or they are not bothered?

I was walking around town looking for leggings that's thick enough to be worn on its own. Went to Uniqlo flagship store and tried on this pair of pants but it doesn't felt like anything close to a pair of leggings.

Took out my LB top which I bought to try out since I didn't take any top from them to try.

Suddenly I'm reminded of Cotton On so I dropped by & Yayness, they have leggings which are thick enough to be worn out on its own.

Bought my leggings in olive & navy. I told BIGMAN about it and he went "Can keep warm in Europe mah?"! I forgot to tell him the leggings that I bought is wear for SG, not meant to be part of my winter shopping πŸ˜….

Usually for winter, I'll wear at least 3-4 pairs of thermal leggings. Kor, jie & even my +1 always laughed at me when I try to pull up those layers!

Took my OOTD for #TheStageWalk too.

Another one!

It was freezing cold in the mall & the blur sotong forgot to bring her jacket out. So I changed into my LB top & Cotton on leggings to fight the cold. I quite like this combination!!

Din-Din was Japanese food at Standing Sushi Bar. BIGMAN wanted steamboat but I reminded him that I had steamboat for lunch & tmr will be another round of steamboat dinner with his fammie.

I love all the sides at Standing Sushi Bar especially the salmon skin!!

His unagi set which he likes a lot.

My mini-udon with grilled beef. I think the beef is nice but the sauce is too salty for my liking.

And yes, he paid for the bill & refused to let me pay.

We were walking around looking for dessert place & BIGMAN wanted Starbucks because of the Xmas menu. So I gave him a treat at Starbucks instead. The chocolate praline cake was so rich & delish!

Walk along the area & reminiscing the pak-tor days.

Then we passed by my proposal area. Can't believe that he actually filled up the whole corner here with helium balloons & light sticks.

I saw this very adorable bag which I like a lot. But $79.90, I won't spend the πŸ’°πŸ’° to get this!

And I saw my first Christmas tree for this year! It's really a pity that one of my good friend's wedding which I'm helping out at is on Xmas eve. If not, we can fly in advance over to Europe & I can bring BIGMAN for an authentic Christmas with Christmas market, real Christmas tree & tons of beers or baked potatoes!!

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