My handsome friDATE😍

Another one taken at the entrance of Zara. He refused to smile for my camera!! Always acting so decent outside & in front of camera but this man here, he is full of lameness & I'll always πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„ at the kind of jokes he share with me.

Going on a date like this makes me a very HAPPIE #dayrewives! Even thou we see each other at home, it felt different to make time for each other like this especially when his work schedule can be mad.

Last night, the train ticket from Munich to Budapest is opened for booking & I immediately went to make the booking.

This is the last domestic ticket that I've yet to book & I'm worried that I might forgot about it. Glad that I'm done booking with ALL my tickets & I didn't burst the budget for air ticket + 6 domestic tickets even thou it's year end & tickets are higher price than usual.

Since we have some budget left, we splurge & gotten first class for our train ticket.

Wearing #MdSCollections babydoll off shoulder dress today!

Celebrated my momma-in-law birthday! Bought her her favourite Emicake's premium durian cake for her.

I love their premium durian cake a lot. Not too sweet or too "durian", I'm quite impressed that I had 2 slices of this when usually I don't take cake.

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

I can't wait for the steamboat dinner later! BIGMAN doesn't like the steamboat place that we are heading too but momma-in-law, Meimei-in-law & I love it a lot. The 3 men in the house doesn't have much choice but to follow!

Took an #OOTD before we head out for dinner since BIGMAN brought his camera.

Din-Din was fun & I always love fammie time like this.

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