I've been addicted to this for the past 1 hour! Anybody miss Super Mario??

I love anything GOLD in packaging!! Can't wait to check this out.

I love this Yongtofu with CheeCheongFan from AMK. Momma bought this home for lunch today, yummmz.

#dayrefatties #dayrefoodie

#LoveBonito just launched!
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Tried this sunblock that @doooduuu passed me yesterday. I've always trusted her skincare pick so I just applied it on my face without testing for allergy.



It's actually a tinted sunblock but it doesn't have any "foundation" or "whitening" effect if you get what I mean.

Just apply & it got blend into my skin. I feel that it helps to brighten up my face a little too.

Finally open & use my #TooFaced blusher today too.

The trio shade. I think it's too pink on me but momma said I look good in it. She even commented that I look less ghostly with blusher on ☹️.


Used my Toofaced lippie too. I don't know why I feel like putting on makeup even thou I'm only heading to town to meet BIGMAN for dinner. I go out meet friend I'm also not so hardworking to put blusher & lippie😅.

Please pardon my messy fringe, the wind is blowing so strongly & I regretted bringing out a shawl with me. Momma reminded me to bring a jacket but I still tell her it won't be too cold lah😭.

Moral of story: Always listen to your momma, she knows you best.

I survived LB's launch this week✌🏻️!

Wearing my new shirt dress out today. And I love this pair of purple casual shoe c/o Bata SG. So comfy that they have became one of my essential.

I went down to #MDSCollections to check out this dress. It seems like I can't carry such dress at all. I look so fat in them ☹️.

Another color option!

The packaging looks good. Sorrie if I sound shallow but I feel packaging is an important part to play too.

How the colors of the new #UrbanDecay palatte looks like.

Tried a few of the shades that I'm keen and ended up not liking them. I think 2 Naked palette is more than enough 😅.

I'm not a makeup or beauty expert, I'll usually buy with my "feelings". If I saw something & I like, I'll just buy. If I saw something & I don't like, even if many people rave about it, I still won't get. But then again, I can be easily influence lah so I might ended up getting something that many people rave about.

Conclusion: I'm a woman who is ficker minded😅.

Dropped by #TheClosetLover to try the new arrival. Size S fits with slight allowance but the length for the rise is short for me.

Close up of the crochet details of the romper.

They have this romper which is supposed to be flare because S fits with a lot of allowance.

How the top part looks like. I need to use my hair to cover the side because my bra is exposing & I'm lazy to grab a top to wear.

Sides from our Korean dinner which tasted not so yummy.

Kimchi pancake whereby the cabbage had a bad taste & I didn't like it.

We had seafood army stew which tasted not bad. The soup was quite sweet towards the end.

And the weird looking Icecream which looks like some ice Kachang.

Conclusion: I still don't like Korean food and there's another round of Korean food tmr. It doesn't help that the 13 days Korea trip that I took in July/August wasn't that fantastic due to the hot weather. I really don't like anything K-related😅.

Don't boycott or condemn me okie😘🙆🏻

I'm not sure why but I have craving for Ah Chew Dessert today so we went over for some desserts.

My mango sago with pomelo & his Yam paste. So yummie!

I'm quite determined to use my $25 off $150 welcome gift as a gold member in #Sephora. So I went in to walk one more round with BIGMAN & it's always fun exploring Sephora with him. Some jokes that he made just set us both LOL!

I wanted a brighter lippie so I went to try Marc Jacob. I quite like the second one from bottom while BIGMAN thinks that the top color suits me the best. The top color is swatch by him & I'm telling him how untidy his swatch looks on my hand.

Moonshot jelly eye pencil which can be used as a eye liner cum eye shadow!

I saw this Sephora set going at $69.00 and I feel so tempted!

I quite like the eyeshadow's quality. Very pigmented and I love the colors. Should I get this set???!

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