I've been slacking the whole morning & I feel like taking an afternoon nap now BUT there's actually a long "to-do" list for me.

✔️ HK itinerary(which I've done in an entry 2 days ago).
✔️ Domestic flight for Europe.

✖️5000 words essay due on 08.11.
✖️Train ticket from Munich to Budapest.
✖️Amsterdam accommodation.
✖️Berlin accommodation.
✖️Booking of ALL the day trips that I'm intending to take for the trip.
✖️Itinerary for Europe trip.

I'm in a dilemma now, for those who have been to UK's Harry Potter land(or any Harry Potter Land), is the place worth visiting? There's so many places on my list that I want to visit despite it being my 4th London trip. I have to choose either museum or Harry Potter land for 30th December.

I'm a BIG BIG BIG HP fan but BIGMAN is not. I guess he's fine with or without the visit.

And my main concern, I don't usually take rides. So I'm not sure if it's worth my time to travel there & all.

#LoveBonito just launched!
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This one, YAY or NAY??!

Out for @doooduuu birthday celebration. And today, we are going to kidnap her to a mystery place for a special experience.

I've provided her with the postal code but she has yet to guess the place. This is so exciting✌🏻️✌🏻.

I managed to leave home early(actually I wanted to come out even earlier but my butt got glued to my bed) and squeeze time to drop by LB popup store.

Tried this exclusive in store dress & felt that it isn't very flattering. Size S fits with zero allowance and I feel that you can't eat at all with this dress because it'll show your tummy!!

This is another new release from this week if I'm not wrong? I find it weird that there's no zip at all, only a button at the back-neck area. And the pockets, they are directly in front of the tummy area. If you put anything inside, your tummy will look fat. So I don't consider them as functional pockets.

Another new release this week. Previously LB has launched a shorter version of this dress & I owned it in grey. Personally, I preferred the previous version as compared to this.

And the place that we kidnapped @doooduuu is NOX.

It's a dine in the dark experience where we get to experience how the blind eats. It'll be a 12 course dinner awaiting us.

We decided to bring her for an unique experience instead of giving her gifts. Imagine we have celebrated our birthday from sec school till now.

#dayrefatties #dayrefoodie


The only dish that we can take photo of, the welcome appetizer which is served at level 1 of the restaurant.

The second floor is the place where we get to experience dinning in the dark. It was a very interesting experience and I think it's worth a try.

Our wefie before we begin our Dine in the Dark experience for @doooduuu birthday.


There will be a host who will brief you on what's going to happen, how things will be like & what are the DOs & DONTs. Some DOs are like packing all your belongings into a drawer where you can keep the key, follow instruction closely especially when you are heading up. Some DONTs are that you have to keep away ALL devices/watches that will give out light to ensure that the place is in total darkness and there won't be any lights & you are not supposed to move during the dinner w/out asking too.

They will also ask for any food allergies too. You can choose wine or mock-tail to go with your food. We took mock-tail instead of wine because ES is driving and the 2 of us ain't that keen in the wine for today.

After all these are done, we will form a line with our hands on the shoulder of the person in front of us then it's time to move to dinner place at second floor where it's pitch dark, you can't even see your own finger!!


We had to dine in a pitch dark place & to be honest, we were panicking at the start. When I want to take my drinks, I had to use my sense of touch to feel for my cup before I'm able to drink water. It ain't as easy as I imagine it to be.

Eating was a little difficult too but thank God they serve the food in small portion. We had to take the bowl very close to our mouth before we scope the food up and try the taste of it.


We were made to guess the food that we consume before the host show us the photos & debrief us on what food we just had. Not going to share more about the food because I don't want to be a spoiler.

In total, we had 3 courses with 4 dishes at each course. By the 2nd course, 5th or 6th dish, I was telling @doooduuu that I'm feeling very full le.

To the sec-school buddy of 14 years, we hope you love this gift from us. I love how as old friends, we get to experience new things together & had fun & explore new things like how we did during those teen days.

@doooduuu we love our missy Tay🙆🏻!

I love this over-exposed photo at the entrance of NOX!

The price we paid ain't cheap but I feel it's a good experience. The food they served are of quality too so expect to taste good food in the dark. And they hire visually impaired people to serve in this place & I love social entrepreneur like this. Very meaningful & fun experience.

YQ wanted to go Kampong Glam to take photo so we just walk there for some silly photo session. I don't know why we must take photo here but it seems like we had quite a lot of fun!


Then she felt so inspired to take photo of the sky that looks threatening like it's going to rain anytime.

I have to post this because @doooduuu looks so funny here 😂😂😅😅!

BIGMAN was supposed to end work at 1am but he ended early at 9ish. So he surprised me by dropping nearby to wait for me.

I have to say he's really very sweet. If his work permits, he'll always make it a point to fetch me from where I am despite me telling him that he doesn't have to do so. And mind you, we don't drive. He will usually take public transport down then cab home w me.

Nothing more to ask from him, Thanks for being so consistent with this act for the past 9 years.


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