I've been using this #GlamGlow for 2 weeks & I have to say, it works. My face feels cleaner & less oily.

The only downside is that there's a strong herbs smell & after I applied it on, for the one minute, there will be a burning sensation.

#dayrebeauty #dayreskincare

Today is the day, I'm quitting my morning coffee. Nothing wrong with having coffee but I love to drink 3-in-1 coffee in the morning & it's super high in sugar.

As of now, 👋🏻 to my dearest coffee 😭💔☹️.

I like this #LittlePrince X #Melissa series!!

Cancelled lunch & dinner appointment because I'm feeling very lazy & my friends, they felt Monday blue too😂😂.

But I'm still out because I want to try something. A very slack outfit today. Opened my wardrobe this morning and I went "I got nothing to wear"!

#LoveBonito just launched!
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Went to try out a sponsored facial today and I realized it has been 4 years since I last did any facial! To begin with, I'm a lazy person. I don't do nails, hair or even facial. By I decided I need to pamper my skin a little and since this sponsored facial seems reputable enough, I decided to give it a try.

Shall share more details when I have the information!

Bare face with no makeup or filter on. You can spot some red marks but I think it's considered very very Mild.

I wanted to drop by MDS & Fayth since I'm at City Hall but I'm too lazy to walk that extra few steps. So I took the train & head home instead 😂!

Need to stop shopping in SG for a while since I'll be flying to Hong Kong in 3 weeks time. And speaking about it, the itinerary for 10+2 has not been done up!! I've no idea where to bring my family to even thou I'm very familiar with HK. I hinted to momma that I wanna take time out to meet my friend in HK & she seems to be alright with the idea.

BIGMAN will be home very late tonight so I'll have to settle my own dinner and this leads to my greatest dilemma, WHAT to eat for dinner??????!

Since I'm free today & in a shopping mood(but lazy to go shopping physically), shall do a Hong Kong to buy & perhaps eat post to keep for my reference when I'm in Hong Kong.


Arome Bakery X #Miffy biscuit in camo prints. I have to get this!! Going to make BIGMAN & momma hunt it down with me.

Outlets listing for the biscuit!

This one😍! M&M hot drinks!! I've not seen this before so just get this to try when I'm in HK.

Anybody tried this before? Can this be found in SG or only exclusive to HK?

This #JillStuart Rouge My Dress (2016 Fall Collection) is so prettie 😍! Jill Stuart is a place I'll definitely visit when I'm in Taiwan & HK. I've said this many times but I really love their loose powder, pressed powder & other items!!

The 4 colors available! Hopefully the gold casing will still be available.

I think this floral limited edition set looks good too. Since there's lippie & blusher, if this is available still when I'm there, I'll definitely get this set!!

If I happen to pass by Sanrio gift shop, I'll want to get this. So adorable right? Don't think I'll ever bear to use this.

I guess that's all for shopping because it's always random shopping in Hong Kong!

Time to move on to all the delish foodie that I've eaten during my 4 trips & these are the selected few that I want to bring my family back again.

Budaoweng Hotpot Cuisine
Shop1101, 11/F, Times Square, 1 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay

This is better than HDL & if they ever come to SG, I'll want to have them every single weekend. Price wise, it's very similar to HDL but the servings are much bigger than HDL. During our previous 3 girlie trips, we ordered 4-5 dishes & it's more than enough for 4 of us.

They serve this sauce at SGD4 per pax & I love the fried garlic in the sauce plate. I don't usually pay for HDL's sauce but I always pay for this. The samba Chilli is very delish too.

Apart from the delish food, remember to ask for window seat because this restaurant overlook the whole HK habour view. This is the view during day time.

Selfie with it, this was during 2015's trip.

Another selfie during my 2012's trip.

Another view that we have gotten!

During our 2014's trip, we are unable to get seats during day time so we went during night and the night view is very beautiful too. I can't find the night view photo on my phone but you can get a glimpse of it from our group photo behind. The girl in Orange is wifey's cousin who is a HK citizen. She has brought us to many local delish places.

Tsui Wah Restaurant

Their signature cup! I've tried a lot of breakkie places in HK(inclusive of the Australia dairy company) and I love this the most!

Their sugar butter custard bun😍. I'm not a sweet tooth or bread person but I love this a lot.

Their beef slice Maggie Mee tasted really good too. Very flavorful!

I forgot what's this, taken during my 2013 trip but I remember loving this a lot too.

My all time favourite! Ham macaroni breakkie! How can a simple macaroni be so yummie!!


I love this 庙街的记大排档! There's many locals when we dine there & till now, I don't know if the hot tea given was meant for drinking or sterilizing of the utensils because we saw locals who drink them and also saw locals who wash their utensils with them.

Or is the tea used for both purpose??

I remember this garlic steam prawn! One of the best I ever had!

I love this lala too!!

Kam's Roast Goose
G/F, Po Wah Commercial Center, 226 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai

My favourite Roasted Goose place in HK. This is the place which Chow Yun-Fat is spotted eating here a few times.

Slurp slurp!! I love their roasted meat a lot. I hope we will not need to queue too long for 10+2 because the place is not too big and there's always a queue.

Pierre Herme

IFC Mall
Shop 1019C, Level 1
8 Finance Street
Hong Kong
+852 2833 5700

There's no way I'm skipping Pierre Herme on my visit to HK. This is indeed the number 1 macaroon that I've eaten before. During my Paris trip, I'll always make it a point to buy their salted caramel flavour to keep.

MongKok Smelly Tofu

The curry fishball next to the Smelly Tofu in MongKok is super nice too. Supper has always been curry fishball & smelly tofu!

I MISS THIS!!!!!! I told momma I'll bring her to this & she's super excited about it.

Serenade Chinese Restaurant
2/F, Hong Kong Cultural Centre, 10 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

One of my favourite dim sum place!

Delish & adorable dim sum!

They have one of the best beancurd & it tends to get OOS if we are late for our dimsum breakkie.

I guess that should be all for a short 3D2N trip? I don't think we can move as fast as I did with my girls.


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