Hello Everybody,

My name is "Dua Tao" aka Big Head. I'm the fellow in the middle! Momma loves me a lot so she has been hugging me to sleep since I came home with her till now. Recently she brought home 2 #TsumTsum friend that has been fighting for her attention with me. I hope that momma will stop being so "busy", hugging so many of us every night & I can gain back my position of being number 1!

It's time to sleep & momma is calling me(and the rest) to bed.

Good night

P.S: I'm the guy in the middle!!

I tried to squeeze in a baby & it makes my favourite Eeyore looks even more adorable πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

Full outfit from #LoveBonito. I'm off for a birthday celebration with my mini Twinnie around this evening so it's best to dress casual so I can run after her.

Anyway, the top is slightly too long for my liking so I tucked it in. If not, it'll look very weird with this shorts.

Finally get a chance to wear this new watch from BIGMAN out!

I'm late again & this translate to no time for a quick bite & I'm so hungry. From morning till now, I only had my daily dose of coffee that's all.


These 2 guys beside me were talking about how Australia should be the largest in economic in Asia because of their size. To them, the larger space a country has, it means more human capital & this equate to more economic & higher GDP.

I can't help but πŸ™„πŸ™„.

When it comes to GDP, it's when the phrase "Size doesn't matter". Look around & you'll find countries with large space & high human capital BUT their GDP, it's not as high as smaller countries!!

I'm Sorrie if I sounded rude but seriously~~!

Took #OOTD too!


I'm at #Starbucks Cheers Party 2016 whereby we get a preview of Christmas menu & Christmas items!

This is the limited edition #Swarovski #Christmas Ornament(worth $59) which you get when you spend $100.

Christmas BEAR!

Christmas collection part I



I love the heart shape tall cup mug a lot! Will be nice to have it at home~~!!!!

The usual red & white series!

There's coffee appreciation session too!

We sampled the New York cheese cake & some coffee too.

Then it was time to create your own terrarium.

Putting in the pebbles & soil before we shift the plant over.

My Starbucks Terrarium!

Christmas decor!


#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

We had Bingsu after HDL too. I think the standard for the Bingsu at Orchard Central has dropped, not as nice as I remembered it to be.

The little one insisted on carrying Auntie Amanda's paper bag! She practically dragged it all over the places πŸ˜‚. So adorable!

He knows my love for sweet potato so he bought some to cook for me😍!

Let me post more photos for the Starbucks Cheers party 2016.

This is what's prepared on the table for us. The individual scents and taste that you can find in their various type of coffee.

The event happened at Starbucks, capital tower where the whole place was done up in a Xmas mood!

It was overall quite a fun event and the 2 person sitting next to us clique quite well with me & +1 too. We were making fun & laughing out loud together at the emcee's cold & lame jokes together!

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