Took a stroll with the girlie by MBS and I love quality time like this! And I love the skyline a lot.

I'm quite excited about this famous ramen that's coming to SG. The restaurant will only have 18 seats and they serve limited bowls of ramen each day so I would expect there to be long queue everyday.

Photo credit: DanielFoodDiary

Wearing my off shoulder dress from #TaoBao! Pin up my fringe because I'm too lazy to trim them and they are getting long~~!!!!

Bought this #Adidas sweatshirt! I'm quite HAPPIE that I've finally gotten an Adidas Sweatshirt. I almost carted out another pair of Adidas Slip on shoe in grey but I'm not quick enough to fight the battle with the rest, it's going at USD57 on their US website. After adding in handling & shipping fee, it cost me only SGD100ish. Too slow & I think too much.

Anyway, will share more about how we can pay a fee to ship in items from US/Uk website such as adidas!

#TsumTsum travel blanket! Should I get this?

Or the Sanrio version because there's #Melody!!

#HelloKitty X #Doraemon tote bag!

Early Din Din food! Another night of feasting πŸ˜‹.

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

Round 2πŸ˜‹! The food tasted so nice & yummie!

Industrial design of BBQ Box!

The sauce and I love how they give us free garlic to cook.

The wooden BBQ box to keep our food warm. We learn a trick that if we want our food to be crispy & nicer, we should leave the food longer.

Apart from the grilled food, we ordered oyster to try too. 3 big oyster for $18.80 which I feel is not worth it.

They use butter, garlic & chilli to cook the oyster but there's still a smell for it. I feel that maybe it's not fresh enough. Don't think I'll order it again.

We had baby lobster too, 6 for $12.60. The baby lobster today is slightly mild nutrition because there's not much meat at all. But the sauce is nice.

Overall, I think BBQ Box is worth the price that we paid for & I'm definitely going back again for more grill & spicy food. It's nicer than I expected it to be.

While I'm having dinner, catching up with my girlie, BIGMAN went to buy this blanket for me. He sure knows where I usually hang out while waiting for people.

I'm thankful that after 110 months together, he's still so sweet to do small surprises like this.

Supposed to be 3-ways blanket!

Tsum Tsum notebook given! I didn't know they are giving this.

How the inside of the book looks like!

Greeted with the backside of #Mickey

First way of wearing this & YES, it does feel warm! I'm bringing this with me for my winter trip, Yayness βœŒπŸ»οΈβœŒπŸ»πŸŽ‰. I think for someone who's very scare of cold, this will help during flight or for winter holiday. Instead of wearing my down jacket or normal jacket at the apartment/hotel, I can bring this for my holiday trip instead. And yes, I'm very very scare of cold & my nose can't take them, main reason why I don't sleep in air con room.

You can wear it as a cape too if you think the Mickey head is too act cute. Don't think I'll dare to wear the Mickey head outside πŸ˜….

Thirdly, just use it as a travel blanket without wearing it.

I went to check out #TheClosetLover bag too. The small size doesn't seem big enough for me while the big size seems to be too big for me. I wish there's a in-between!

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