Monday blue is real for me because I wake up to an empty space beside me. After having BIGMAN with me for 17 days, he's back to work now & it'll be home alone for me. I can't wait for our winter trip whereby I'll have 3 weeks of him all to myself.

Breakkie was butter sable, my favourite coffee & a crazy variety show😂.

Even though I've been not working for 3 months, I felt so busy and it's rare that I got a day to slack & chill at home.

For today, I've pushed away all appointments ✌🏻️ and I'm just staying home to do NOTHING. Not exactly nothing but I'll do whatever that I want. I have my mini thesis due in 2.5 weeks time but I've decided to leave it first. And no, I don't want to start my running regime today.

Attended Watsons day out at the new So Sofitel hotel!

I love the decoration of the hotel a lot! Forgot to save my insta story of how the beautiful room looks like. I was telling BIGMAN if we need a staycation, I'll want to come here. It feels like we are being transformed into another world.

This knitted top! Can bring for winter trip right?

This jumpsuit! Looks very unique right?


I can't decide what to order from Food Panda or Deliveroo????!


My workaholic BIGMAN is working at home & I'm so glad my schedules are always packed these 2 weeks because he has so much stuff to do after being away for so long.

It's so bored to stay home the whole day, I take back my words of how I would love to chill at home.

Back to Watsons day out! We played Escape room in a room with a group of 6-7 pax. Glad to have Sydney, Hannah, Aldora in my group!

We had to dig into the bath tub for an empty bottle to find clue to the next hint which is to find a hand in the room.

We found a baby and had to apply ZA BB cream to the face & hair to find the next clue.

How some of the hint looks like!

The 6 glasses belong to this Nivea station. Each glass has a small piece of puzzle which we had to dig out and form the next clue.

Next clue: Mirror Mirror on the wall

Some task included "shaving" cream off the balloon which my dearest +1 & Hannah did because some of us are scare of bursting the balloons!

We had to empty this bottle by using the whole bottle!

Look what I found in the hotel room! The Little Black Jacket book!! I remembered the exhibition which happens in MBS 3 years ago??! Will I be able to find this if I stay in this hotel?!!

The ZA products on display!

DHC sunblock with the kinetic sand. Think we are more keen to play with the kinetic sand rather than the sunblock😂.

The photo I took! Don't know why I look so tire in this photo, I was slacking at home the whole day before the event!

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