#OOTD for today! In my #TaoBao white off shoulder top & the oversized jumper from Cotton On.

After having either Yakun or Mac on Sunday for breakkie for a few years, the gang is finally trying something new today. I love sitting in front of fountain of wheel & enjoying the sunlight.

Children church did a showcase today and listening to the good old children church songs reminded me of my own children church.

I pray that in future, my children will grow up, knowing & experiencing the love of God too.

Cha Cha Cha Brown rice from #PasarBella! So yummie, spicy & healthy.

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

#LoveBonito pop up store! It's located at B1 of 313 & it's bigger than the previous store!

On display!

Can you spot the exclusive camisole?

Pastel long dresses, I think this is the bridal series.

Some of the past collections.






Tried on the boat dress and size S fits well with allowance & I seem to quite like it. If I'm working still, I would have gotten this dress. But for now, I'll pass on this.

Tried on the mesh dress. S fits with zero allowance on my hip, so sad that I have a big hip 😭😭.

I like this romper too but I find it a bit too short for my liking.

Tried on this dress too but the cut in in the middle looks weird.

Tried on this flare off shoulder top with the olive skirt too. Didn't get the top because it's too flare for my liking.

Tried this exclusive camisole!

Preferred it to be tucked in! Material is thin and SG weather friendly.

I love this dress a lot too but you need to tie it to wear it properly and I'm toooo lazy to tie this dress.

I tried this knitted tunic which I quite like. I'm collecting clothing for my winter trip even thou I bought a lot of clothing from my previous 2 trips.

Apart from my down jacket, timberland leather boots & merino wool inner wear, I've given away a lot of clothing because I know I'll not recycle them for another trip. So I have to start buying clothing for the trip. And I regretted a little for giving away so many items because it's not easy to find winter stuff in SG😑.

That's all I've tried because there's a queue & I'm shy to try too many items. I shall drop by again on a weekday afternoon.

Since nobody says nay to getting this, I assume it's very alright to get this! Big man agreed that I should get this too.

The question now, which color??

Can my credit notes come quickly? I just returned 3 items on Tuesday!

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