Unearthly 8.30am school for the next 4-5 hours 😴😴~~!!

In my #LoveBonito dress today and yes, wearing new clothing makes school more bearable.

Attending my LAST WEEKEND class & I'm left with weekday classes before I'm done with school.

Not forgetting my 5000 words essay and exams πŸ™„.

Craving satisfied. I love the feeling when my craving got satisfied and I feel so HAPPIE about it.

#dayrefatties #dayrefoodie

Came to PERKZ to hang out! Do drop by if you are around west around!

Took some #OOTD before we head home to rest!

I love the photos taken today, the colors are so rich! Big man suggested the place today and braved the heat just for my OOTD. Really appreciate the effort a lot!! Think he has resented to his #instagramhusband role since the start of the year.

Took a nap and felt so good. I still need more 😴😴.

Woke up to Homecooked Ginseng chicken soup by Big Man! We replaced the chicken with chicken wing because I love chicken wing.

He cooked up an additional dish too, Tteokbokki with sausage. So yummie & it was a success for his first try.

I want to shop at LB popup store tmr & big man agreed to bring me there after church! Not that I can't go on my own but we have already made plans for after church. So I'm glad he's alright to head down to Somerset before we carry on with our Sunday plan!

Think I've not shared this photo yet. I'm loving the new #DanielWellington watch with black surface.

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