Use my new makeup today and Big Man said that my eyeshadow looks like those makeup from the 60s 🙄. The NYX eyeshadow is very pigmented and I love how smooth the eyeshadow is when applying on my eyes. My eyeshadow looks very old-school meh 😑☹️.

I used the new blusher that I've gotten from HourGlass & I love it too!

Worn my #lovebonito printed top again and I love my cheap and nice #TaoBao shorts which goes with everything. Think I should do some TaoBao shopping again after I've cleared clothing to be send off to #ReFash!

Waiting for my driving instructor. It's rare that he's late, I hope he will last minute cancel off the driving lesson(which I know is quite impossible to happen)!

Just when I mention about TaoBao, @doooduuu shared that there's free agent fee. Also, if you are new to ezbuy, you can sign up with her link for $10. A pity that I already have an account with them and I'm not eligible for it anymore. If not, $10 can get a lot of items!!

Randomly walking around and we decided to try Pizza 1-for-1 deal.

I had the truffle mushroom pasta while big man had their seafood parchment. We paid $18.60 for 2 items and the food tasted quite good too.

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

Reading on some big criminal cases of SG. Ever since I started Law & Order, I've been quite keen in all these criminal issues in SG.

Went to the children's sector of the library and read this book on how 2 pandas got integrated into our zoo. It's so interesting to find the monkeys speaking "Yah Lah" in the book.

While I'm reading the book, BIGMAN took the chance to take my #OOTD!

Woodlands civic library contains a lot of memories for me. I spent most of my time after secondary school here and this is like a place that witness my growing up. In future, I want to bring my kids here and watch them grow up here too.

My FIRST time taking a bus in SG with port for charging of HP, Yayness to that ✌🏻️

Pack another big bag of clothing to be send off to Refash!! My third topup with them.

What I worn for school!

Anyway, we went for black ball before class(which is happening now) because dinner is too disappointing. I don't like it when Japanese places serve sushi that's not fresh ☹️.

Supper is spelt as SINFUL! When did Horlicks Dinosaur came with whip cream 😱😱. I think I shall just stick to Milo dinosaur in future.

Prata 😍!

Been a while~~

Just heard a sad news.

There used to be a couple, the man worked hard to bring home 💰💰 for his wife & his 3 kids. His wife is a homemaker who takes on odd job that allows her to work from home. The man doesn't have any bad habit except gambling but still, he didn't gamble till there's no 💰💰 for food or what. He still provided the basic needs such as a house, food, education, toys & even entertainment.

10-15 years ago, he got chased out of the house by his wife and went out to rent a place.

Despite his old age(at 70ish), he still find a job and earn his own keeping while renting a room outside. Unfortunately, the house owner died of old age and the government wants to take back the house and this leave the man homeless.

Recently, his wife sold off their house and because they are still married, he's not eligible to rent those house from the government. He's going to be homeless soon and this breaks my heart.


As a #dayrewives, I won't be so heartless to do this to BIGMAN. But again, we are of a different era and people are brought up in a different environment.

If BIGMAN is to pick up a bad habit such as gambling or prostitution or whatever, I won't know how I'll react to it. Or worse still, if he has an affair outside. It's always easy for us to say we will do this & that when whatever stuff happen. But when things really happen, we can never prepare ourselves for it.

I guess I have to strengthen my heart because in my future dream job, I'll have to handle more 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔 cases and if my heart is not strong enough, there's no way I can provide any aid.

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