Woke up feeling so tire with body aches all over us. I think I need to play with the kids more to build up my stamina. And yes, I need to get back my running habit too, been too slack and growing fat with all the feasting.

I'm not a prints person but I like this top a lot. Paired it with this rusted culottes which I forgotten all about.

New clothing all from #LoveBonito today.


I love GRAB a lot and I think everybody around me knows that because for those who doesn't drive, I'll psycho them to download grab and give it a try.

My family, inclusive of my momma, became converts too because GRAB is much better than Taxi.

When I take grab car, I can sit back and let the driver drive whichever route he wants because it doesn't affect the amount of 💰💰 I pay and even if he goes a longer route, I'm paying the same amount of 💰💰.

And to my surprise, I don't experience motion sickness when it comes to grabcar as compared to taking a taxi. I guess this is a big 💗 point for me. I'm one of those who will vomit out my dinner after a taxi ride if the driver can't drive properly.

So, it'll definitely be

GRAB and no more TAXI.

Having said all these, I'm taking my TP next month. My 2nd attempt after 3 years of break. The previous TP was 3 years ago when Kor headed towards Paris for 6 months and he needed me to take over his car but thank God, in a way I failed the TP and I don't have to take on the burden of the car. It was very rush and I was taking 2-3 lessons every week, super super stressful.

This time round, I have all the time in the world. I just need to get it before 2016 ends. And I hope I'll pass~~

Early din din place for Kor's celebration.

The French onion gratin soup at Ma Maison tasted so good. Reminded me of those that I had in Europe. I told Big Man I want to drink French onion soup for every single meal 😋😋.

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

My hamburger steak with foie gras which tasted so-so. Personally, I prefer the hamburger steak with cheese instead of the foie gras.

Big man thinks that I'm crazy to even have the energy to open up my laptop & do up my assignment NOW. This is like a HUGE burden in my heart.

And I'm glad to say, this is my last HUGE burden to submit before its time to bid this goodbye.

Oh wait, I have a mini thesis to submit in November for this 🙄😂 Law & Order module.


Left with 200 words but I shall leave it for tmr.

Big man psychoed me to snack & drink with him while watching our favourite variety show because I'm completing my assignment after experiencing brain block for a few days.

I want to get more of this HoeGaarden Rosee during my HK trip next month. It's so nice!!

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