My skin is in quite a bad condition after Bangkok trip. I've read & saw a lot of raving about #GlamGlow but it seems to be OOS in Sephora. Quite HAPPIE that I managed to get this in Bangkok.

Decided to open this up to use and see if it's really as good as what people rave it to be.

#dayrebeauty #dayreskincare

When you just apply it.

How it looks when it dries up!

It has a weird herb smell or minty smell that's very strong. When I first applied it on my face, it leaves a burning sensation on my skin and I almost wanted to remove it due to the pain. But I decided to leave it on longer and after a while, the burning feeling went off.

After washing it off, I feel that my skin is more clean. There is lesser black heads as compared to before usage and I love how clean my skin feels. Going to try a few more times before I decide if it's worth the 💰💰.

Decided to use my #Benefit Dandelion blusher today.


How it looks like! I love the brush that's given, very soft and easy to apply my blusher with.

The colors are easily picked up too.

How the blusher looks on me! I tend to put on blusher and lippie nowadays because the lack of sleep makes me look very pale.

Worn my #LoveBonito denim romper today. We are up early for some ritual for my eldest uncle follow by birthday celebration for mini Twinnie. I can't wait to see her later and hear her call Auntie Amanda in the sweetest voice ever. It's so nice to have a daughter 🙆🏻.

With my 50baht(SGD2.00) shades!!

It's still hard to believe that he's no longer with us and it has been 49 days.


I like this song a lot, it has became my ear worm, repeating again and again and again.

My mini Twinnie 😍

Spent an hour here running after her and it felt I've ran 30km.

Took some proper #OoTD and I love the lighting of the photo.

We are all craving for steamboat so off we go to HDL in IMM. Our first visit there and I feel that the customer service there is so much better than 313.

This pretty much summarized our day today and yes, I'm that unglam when I'm out with close ones.

The huge indoor playground has been fun and chasing after mini Twinnie with Big Man & Twinnie made the whole experience even more fun. I can't wait for this girl to grow up and we can tag team to explore the world together, just like how her momma & papa used to travel & explore with us.

Love you, my Twinnie fammie😘.

I am looking around for Airbnb for the last 3 places that I've yet to book for our winter trip and I came across this Airbnb that looks like a dream house.

Just look at the kitchen, I know I don't cook but it'll be so nice to watch big man cooks in there and we can enjoy our home-cook meals there too.

BUT the price, SGD570 per night is toooo crazy. I have to let this dream kitchen go~~

Then I saw this boathouse which I felt was a good experience if we can get to stay in.

But this was rejected by Big Man too because it'll be winter and it'll be super cold.

I'll try to psycho him again since this fits our budget and it'll be so fun to experience staying in a boathouse!

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