Snacking again.

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It feels like I can never get enough sleep on a holiday 😴😴

Worn my #MDSCollections dress out with my #Taobao bag again. Another day of short cafe hopping followed by shopping. I'm all ready to splurge on cheap clothing again!!


#LoveBonito just launched!
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I spent a huge bomb at Sephora and I declare, I'm officially broke now 😂!

But I'm happily broke!

Time to try Audrey Petit!

Crepes, cakes & cupcakes.


Thai milk tea crepes which tasted so-so, I feel this is too over-rated!

This Grill marinated park wrapped with rice noodle tasted good!

I was in a food coma until Big Man spotted this hidden in the departmental store. My eyes widen and suddenly I feel so awake.

Went to take their new MRTA to Union Mall, which is quite disappointing.

Only saving grace was the chocolate banana crepes which tasted good.

Honestly I think that Platinum Mall has more stuff than Union Mall. Combing Platinum mall is more than enough in my opinion so I won't suggest a visit to Union Mall.

I brought them to After You and I'm glad they love it as much as I did.

The toast which tasted really good after the over-rated Audrey Petit crepes. I love the Shibuya honey toast where I can taste the buttery and honey taste of the toast.

We tried a chocolate fudge which is just baked cookies with ice cream. Too sweet for my liking!

It's raining cats & dogs again. It seems to be raining every night when we are here.

We have to abort Boat Noodle(😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭) and head to the mall instead. Let's hope the beef noodle that we are heading to taste as good as the rave that I've been reading about.

Dinner was beef noodle at Nuer Koo located at level 4 of Siam Paragon!

The beef noodle tasted really good and I love it a lot!! The beef was done to perfection and every slice tasted so nice. The thick beef soup was very delish too.

In the morning when we took the hotel free TukTuk to Siam Paragon!

Damage for today 🙈! Look at what #dayrebeauty has done to me.

I think I've mention how sad I was when I couldn't find #JillStuart in Korea during my August trip. Big man knew how sad I was so today, when we were crossing the Siam departmental store to get to the BTS, he spotted Jill Stuart at a corner & pointed it out to me.

I went crazy, ran over and bought my loose powder & press powder. I didn't buy a lot because I'm going HK next month so there's still chance to get.

#GlamGlow is so hard to purchase in SG. It tends to be OOS in SG and there seems to be no way to purchase it. When we saw that in the Sephora here, Meimei & I went very high. It was the last 2 boxes available in the Sephora outlet and thank God we managed to grab it. Thank God I'm left with SGD200 worth of Thai Baht so I only have that amount to spend there. If not, I can't imagine how crazy we will be.

It's a bad thing to put Meimei and me to shop together.

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