Snacking & Supper-ing now.

#dayrefattie #dayrefoodie

HoeGaarden ROSE 😍

Look at the snacks that we bought! I love Pretz a lot, bought all the flavours that we could find at Big C Supermarket. I want to go back there again to shop for food!! Spent almost an hour there but still think it's not enough.

My mil bought this bird nest for me and mei mei too. So blessed to have a mil who loves me so much.

Good-ie morning BKK once again!!

#dayretravel #mandytravellog #bangkok

Worn my newly bought tube top from #LoveBonito from the #LBxWHS16 and my personalized cap out.

Roast @ The Common

337 ThongLor 17 Soi, 55 Sukhumvit

The Commons!!

Beautiful balcony at The Commons.

Roast, located at the top floor.

Interesting props around the place

I love love love Roast Egg Benedict! It's a place where egg Benedict will never fail.

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

Look at thatπŸ˜‹

Chicken croquet which tasted good.

Duck confit which tasted good.

The interesting menu!

There's a little train pub here!!

I love this area a lot!!

Little plant house adding vibrant to the whole place.


Waiting for our GRAB to the next cafe!!

Featherstone Cafe

12 Ekamai, Bangkok

Beautiful cafe

Beautiful building

Entrance to the cafe

Chest of drawers!!




Beautiful tinted glass

I love this place so much.

The place where they work magic.

The interior hidden garden.

I love the natural lights.

Another #OOTD spot.

We had the truffle cheese fries, minestrone and amber blossom tea.

I love amber blossom tea.

Vanilla Cafe

53 Ekamai Soi 13

Vanilla cafe is just a street away.

Entrance to the garden!

Vanilla cafe.

I love the retro decoration of the cafe.

Very zen place.

They have table soccer to play too.

Waiting for my Fairy God-father to appear.

Our drinks!

Big man's dorayaki!

Their signature Mixed Fruits Yoghurt Ice Cream Parfait which tasted good.

#dayrefatties #dayrefoodie

Fairy lights 😍

(UN)Fashion Cafe

Ekkamai Soi 10

Hobbit style cafe

Bunk style seat.

Beautiful decoration.

Fairy lights are everywhere.




Our banana latte which tasted so-so!

Took a photo with the beautiful hobbit cafe.

Chocolate Lava that we had is good!

Oozing out chocolate.


We just survived a 2 hour traffic jam. If there's anything that I dislike about BKK, it has to be their traffic.

Dinner was at Mk restaurant where we have steamboat and roasted meat. I love this roasted meat platter where we get to enjoy delish meat.

And the meat has to go with this green noodle. I love how chewy and "garlic-ie" this noodle tasted.

Steamboat ingredients!!

And more meat!

Slurp slurp

Took Tuk Tuk! It's the first time for mil and mei mei!

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