Snacking together in a room and snacking on this Shiitake chips.

#dayretravel #mandytravellog #bangkok

Good-ie morning BKK😎

I'm always impressed by the stuff that Big Man brought when he's overseas with me. He literally treated me like a kid and prepare many stuff.

It's not like I'm useless or can't prepare stuff. I consider myself very independent when it comes to travel especially when I've conquered Europe twice and been to many countries within him.

But it's always nice to have someone to rely on. Someone who does stuff not because he's told to. He does them out of love for you.

My heart always feel so full when I see how he does little things like this for me. His meticulous and care, I don't take them for granted and I don't want to take them for granted.

I pray that 10, 20 and even 30 years later, we will still be doing the little things for each other out of the love that we have for each other.


Wearing #FashMob Olive babydoll romper in my #OOTD.

First time trying their breakkie here after staying in this hotel in BKK for 3 times!

This is our breakkie appetizer because we are heading to A&W after this.

#dayrefatties #dayrefoodie

A&W πŸ˜πŸ˜‹

Our hotel room is leaking because of the super heavy rain.

What is this sia!!

We had to change room because more and more water are leaking into the room!

So glad I'm done with changing of room! Can finally try my buys for today.

It's our second round to Platinum mall to cover level 1 & 2.

Bought this mustard top with this grey shorts. The cutting of the shorts ain't that good again, guess I'll stop buying shorts here.

Another off-shoulder top which I love a lot. And this is the only pair of shorts which is true to the size. Going to wear this for night market tonight.

Finally found an yellow top that is not sheer at all!

Another off shoulder top! Don't ask me how many I needπŸ™ˆ

Bought this jumper at a good price and the material is really good and soft. There's pockets too which I love a lot.

I prefer it with belt!

Bought this shirt dress which is so comfy and nice! There's a small pocket at the front and the sides have pockets too.

I bought this long oversized tube dress and I love this a lot.

I prefer it with belt. Think I need a thicker belt.

Big man gotten some "inspiration" and we took photo for my Pazzion shoe. Quite love the outcome of the photos.

And off we go to ArtBox Night Market now. Can't wait to see what's install for us.


I love the fairy lights and ambience here a lot.

Love the lights here.


There's so many interesting stuff here.

We ordered a packet of "blood".

Our seafood, Korea chicken and mango salad dinner at one of the store in Art Box.

Food tasted not bad and we wanted a place to hide from the drizzle. Thank God once we are done with our dinner, the ran stop.

We went to order Waffles and here came the BKK version.

We ordered original waffles with chocolate brownie ice cream and added 3 toppings. This tasted quite good especially the brownie ice cream.

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

Customized a cap and put my social media nickname on it. Love how BKK is a place where many things can be customized.

The old passport cover that we have been using have been quite worn out so we decided to customize a new set.

We are at the Foot massage place and the 4 ladies guess that Big Man is the eldest kid, mei mei is the second kid while I'm the youngest 😁😁.

Mei mei feels so sad while I feel so HAPPIE about it!!

And yes, I love foot massage in BKK. Cheap and good.

Adorable purses from the night market outside of Palladium mall.

I customized a key pouch in this adorable owl design. Instead of putting Amanda, I put Mandy instead. Love how adorable and personalized this is.

If anybody is keen to DIY or personalized stuff such as passport holder, cap, bag, keychain, sandals etc, you will love this night market outside Palladium mall. We spent a long time here personalizing stuff and it was so fun.

I bought this eyeshadow from Watsons today. I've not really started shopping for beauty and skincare because I've not spot any BOOTS yet. But today we saw Watsons so we went in to check out the items.

Many items are relatively cheaper than SG especially Maybelline whereby mascara cost SGD10!

The 3 shades!

Pigmentation is good too and I love the colors. Going to try these out tmr and I hope I'll carry them well.

#dayrebeauty #dayremakeup

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