Going to bed now! I can't wait for tmr to come then it'll be shopping at DFS before we fly to Bangkok.

Worn the super comfy #LoveAndBravery romper for my plane ride and first day in BKK.

It's so comfy and I love the cutting of it, makes me looks slim.

My Hero!! When I'm traveling with him, he practically does all the manual work, refusing to let me do anything much.

#dayretravel #mandytravellog #bangkok #thailand

Bought this again! The previous one that I bought 3 years ago has been overly used by me so it's time to change a new one.


Big man spotted a nice spot for #OOTD!

Found my favorite #Eeyore TsumTsum pillow at Changi airport. Mei mei & I bought 1 each. We belong to the Eeyore gang.

Beautiful sky view!

First meal of the day at Platinum mall. Was caught in a bad jam and it took us 2 hours to reach our hotel from airport.

#dayrefatties #dayrefoodie

Milk tea with grass jelly.

With just an hour to shop in Platinum fashion mall, I only managed to grab a few items after combing level 3.

I love the bell sleeve off shoulder and the baby blue color is very sweet.

I loved the purple shorts but size S is too tight for me 😭😭.

I love this off shoulder top too. Think I'll get more off shoulder tmr, all of them are so comfy and nice.

And this top, so comfy and nice! I'm wearing it now for the night market.

And this vest!! I have a few vest but I still need to get this.

Outfit for the night!!

In my newly bought top and #TaoBao shorts.

Can't wait to visit night market but our cab uncle is caught in a jam.

I enjoyed Rod Fai market a lot and I'm glad the family did.

Instead of taking train to On Nut station, we took a cab from our hotel to the place straight away and it cost us 210baht only.

Anyway, I love Rod Fai at Srinakarin Soi 51 more than the newer Rod Fai market. It's an interesting night market where you get to eat the way local does, find vintage and interesting stuff and shop cheap goodies.

The entrance to the market.

The adorable chocolate!

We ordered this gigantic fried squid and it tasted so delish! I'm not a squid person but I love eating this too.

The vintage Coke bottle.

We had some BBQ mushroom and stuff too. Tasted really good.

Coconut shake juice which tasted very refresh.

Took some photos around the area too! Love this fairy light wall a lot. And yes, I changed into my newly bought top.

With Volkswagen vroom vroom. I love how the whole place is filled with vintage vehicles.

I love this grey top that I bought from night market. For 100baht, I have to say it's very very very comfy and good.

I don't know why but I think this blush shorts doesn't look good on me. For 150baht, I think I can wear it out once before it goes to Refash 😂.

Another Best Buy of the day, comfy grey off shoulder top. I got a feeling I'll ended up with like 20 off shoulder tops after this trip 😂😂.

Items that I bought with me almost every trip. And Big Man who will always ensure I have space for my own stuff plus shopping loots.

Look who came here with us!

And and and, let me share my SGD2.00 shades that I bought for fun. So cheap, I can't say no to this.

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