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Althea Autumn Box

I’m always excited to receive Althea pink box. There will always be surprises for you in this pink box and this time round, it’s their Autumn pink box.

First up is W.Lab eyeshadow palette. I love the color options of this palette. 

The colors are quite pigmented especially the last 5 shades. I love the shimmery feel of it too.

Next up is Dr Mascara fixer which happens to be a personal favourite. I have been using this and I love how it lengthen my lashes when I needed that extra length and volume. This is something I rather rely on than going for eyelash extension. It works well for me so I don’t see the need for any extension to be done. 

This is the Tony Moly gel eye liner. The eyeliner is smooth and easy to draw. It’s quite lasting too. If you are worried about losing the eyeliner brush, fear not because Tony Moly has invented a cap for you to hold the brush together with the eyeliner. 

I’ve seen a lot of positive raves about this Etude House eyebrow brush. I don’t use this but I’ve seen how a friend had used it and it makes her brow looks so natural and nice. 

This is the first time I’m trying Missha The Style 4D mascara. I love how it gives volume to my lash and it makes them look natural. You can use Dr Mascara fixer followed by this to achieve a natural looking long lash. 

I love this It’s Top Professional Vivid Gel eyeliner a lot too. I’ve tried both the black and gold eyeliner. It’s waterproof and smudge proof, only able to remove by eye makeup remover. 

That’s all I have in this Autumn box. Remember to head over to Althea SG to get these goodies. 

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