My 3 items from #LBxWHS16 are all sold. Thanks girls for the purchase and I'm Sorrie I have to reject some of the offers because they were all pending payment just now.

Not sure if it's due to diet, environment or insufficient of rest, my chest and neck area broke out into rash.

Big man is so worried now & I'm slightly worried too. My previous BKK trip in Jan 16 was cancelled because of my mil hospitalization. I'm having some phobia now and I hope I'll fly and make it to BKK.

So tempted by this sales! Spotted some nice basic going at $9.90 and below.


I count my blessing. Thanks for this gift, wasn't expecting this but it came as a surprise.

I'm feeling so lazy to get out of bed but there's a few places to go and a few things to do.

MONDAY BLUE is real😱😑☹️.

Anyway, at least I have Big Man with me today. He's so paranoid about my rash breakout because I have history of having very bad allergies that requires me to be rush to A&E. When serious allergy happens, I'll feel so breathless with swollen eyes and respiratory system. Not helping that I have chronic asthma.

I'm allergy to pollen, paint, radish, dust…………

Worn my current favourite top from #LoveBonito. Something comfy and casual to run errands.

I love this organic lollipop that's meant for children. I can eat 10 watermelon sticks and still find myself wanting more.

Who love this lollipop too??!

Finally here to try the famous Poon Nah City Home made noodle located at level 5 of City plaza after reading so many reviews about it.

To be honest, I'm quite disappointed that my Ban Mian doesn't comes with EGG😒. To me, Ban Mian without egg is not Ban Mian.

The portion is very little for $4.50. I'm not a big eater when it comes to rice or noodle and I'm not full after finishing the whole bowl.

The taste is so-so only and I expect it to taste nicer than this. I love the Ban Mian dry opposite our Jurong West church. I had Ban Mian dry with ice milo every single Sunday for 5 years. It's a pity the shop has closed down.

Feeling so #MEH about the so-so ban Mian dry. Had so much expectation for it.

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

Impromptu high tea at Island Cafe & Bar. Been wanting to visit this place for very long. So glad that big man brought me here.

I wasn't expecting the food to taste good! And I think we can skip dinner tonight.

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties #hightea

Thank God Big Man brought camera out even thou I kept telling him I don't want to take photos today.


Anyway I think Island cafe & bar is worth a visit for their high tea. We paid $32.00++ for a plate of cuisine each with a cup of drink(either coffee or tea with a wide selection).

We chose al fresco because I love the outdoor decoration and it is very windy despite the hot weather now. Or perhaps it's just me, I'm someone super scare of cold.

Overall, I think we love the food and atmosphere a lot. Will be back again if we want somewhere to chill.

I'm not a Print person but I quite like this top. Shall see what else there is to get since I have the $100 vouchers.

Dropped by #Pazzion to pick up 3 pairs of shoe and I'm loving the new collection a lot. Can't wait to show you girls their latest collection.

I was in a dilemma because this is a beautiful pair that I love a lot. I can't say no to a pair of white sneakers with bling. Perhaps I'll go back and purchase this on my own when it's launch 🙈.

Pardon my ugly socks but this is another pair that I love a lot too. Black basic with gold studs is my style too. It's so comfy too. And I guess that's why before Pazzion sponsorship came along, I've been spending 💰💰💰💰💰💰 purchasing their shoes.

70% of my shoes are from there and the most crazy purchase was 7 pairs at a go just to get the membership discount 3 years ago 🙈🙈.

Of course, I can't say that ALL of their shoes are comfy. But it's safe to say that MOST of their shoes are comfy enough to walk long distance in and those that I've gotten does NOT BITE me at all.

How not to love them? Even Big Man agreed that their shoes are long lasting with the way I walk and that I don't complain about any pain.

Anyway I'll showcase the 3 pairs of shoes that I've choose when I'm done taking my OOTD in them when I'm in BKK. They feel so comfy when worn but I'm going to test their comfy level for the next few days.

Big man went down to help me collect my #taobao stuff. This time round, there's only 3 items. 1 of the necklace was delayed due to some custom issue so it's still on the way to me.


URL: http://m.intl.taobao.com/detail/detail.html?id=535892791931

Price: SGD5.43

I love chunky blocks!!

This necklace is of good quality and the color is closer to the #taobao photo rather than this. The color is navy instead of black. Very nice color combination.,


URL: http://m.intl.taobao.com/detail/detail.html?id=537124703257

Price: SGD3.22

This looks very nice and the price seems alright so why not!

I love this necklace a lot too. Exactly like the photo on TaoBao. Quality is good too, love this a lot too.

Close up of the charms.


URL: http://m.intl.taobao.com/detail/detail.html?id=39127951471

Price: SGD3.46

Finally carted this out! Can't wait to see the real item.

Carted 2 of them.

This is how this necklace look. Was expecting something nicer or perhaps for the flowers to look more real.

But still, this is quite acceptable!

That's all from TaoBao! Can't wait for my 921 to reach me.

I think this is very true!

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