Another long day ahead today(Sunday), I'm hoping Monday will come quickly so that I can sleep in and begin my day in the noon.

Before I head to bed, I just want to credit my big man too. He went with me early in the morning, carried our stuff so we can shop hands free and waited from 11.00am outside the photo booth area worrying that the stuff will be too heavy for us.

When we came out, he went to queue for us at the photo booth & carried the 2 big bags for us. Even booked a cab so that we can head back straight and heat up my laksa for me. Followed by shopping with the 3 of us and carrying our heavy loot around.

I know he's very tire with his work ever since he's back but he just took my advert photos and followed me around without much complain.

Thanks for always being so accommodating to me, doing things with me despite you disliking some of the activities or all you wanted to do is sleep in. I appreciate your effort and I felt your love. I don't want and will not take your acts or effort for granted. #dayrewives

Let's go for a good massage in BKK okie? And let's eat & grow fat together too 😘😘.

Worn my #LoveAndBravery dress today. I love this dress a lot and it's a plus point that there's pockets at both side!

Pockets are love.

Big man called me no principle because I said before I don't like Hello Kitty and won't buy it for mini Twinnie.

But as she grows up, her love for hello kitty is real & strong. I don't like to force kids/people to like or do things that they don't like or what.

Soooo, auntie Amanda gave in and bought a hello kitty watch for my dearest mini Twinnie.

I hope that in future, my daughter will share the same DNA with me and we will be against Hello Kitty together.

1 last item left from #LBxWHS16.

Selling this in BLACK, BNWT M, $15 mailed.


Took 3 #OOTDs today and I can't decide which to post! I love how swirl-ly this dress is.



Remember to quote <mandalogy8> for online purchase from http://loveandbravery.com!

I still remember the pre-child days when we will spend hours at each other house playing board games.

Today, we had fun playing Bohnanza at Twinnie house before heading to Tim's place. I love the quality adult time when mini Twinnie slept.

I'm HAPPIE to say, the week has finally ended.

It's another busy week ahead but I'm glad I get the rest the day before I fly off to Bangkok. I'm beginning to feel the excitement about it now. I was quite shocked when Big Man reminded me that we are flying next week 😅.

I'm waiting for 3 more parcels to reach me and I need to rush out a beauty blogpost too. Intending to do so by mid week so that I can have a good rest and not feel so panicky.

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