Fully decked in #LoveBonito today! Worn my fringe up because it's getting long and I need to find time to go get it trim.

Hello to my forehead which rarely sees the world! I love how the hourglass blusher looks on me. Shall drop by Sephora to see if the other shade that I'm aiming is available too.

And that messy hair 🙈. I've been toying with the idea, keep my bangs or let it grow out??

I hate waiting for bus, think I've whine about it for a few times. Especially the buses that head to Kor's cafe. The waiting time can be up to a good 20 minutes 🙄🙄.

The waiting time for the bus that I wanted to take shows 21 minutes, I swear I felt so tempted to just Grab over to the cafe from Jurong but resisted. I'm too lazy to walk around so I thought why not just wait in the bus interchange?

Then the happiest thing happen, 2 minutes later, the bus arrived ✌🏻️✌🏻~~

It's little things like this that make me count my blessing and I feel so blessed with them.

There's a saying, it's not about what you have or what you do that affect your happiness. It's your attitude towards life that affect your happiness.

Today is TGIF, take a little moment to be thankful for something and be HAPPIE with life. It doesn't take much to have a thankful attitude and happiness.

Cash & creditcard for #LBXWHS16 tmr. I don't need to think about how much cash to bring for tmr.

Went to give flyer at HDB and I almost fainted. It's a tough job that can be done ONCE just for KOR!

Tonight will be my last cell group with N119 and I'm going to miss my +1 like mad.

It wasn't an easy decision to make to go over to Big Man's cg where Twinnie, momma shine and a few close friends are there.

I bought muffins & cookies for them too. Just a little farewell pressie. I hope there won't be any tear-jerking moments later or any speech given. My heart, it can't take such stuff 💔.

Been a good 6 years and I treasure the friendship I form here. Of course my +1 has been friend before this cg and I know the friendship will continue.

But still, 😭😭.

Look at what has arrived!

My Sony Bluetooth headphone and my pink #Althea box. Can't wait to try and review them. Waiting for another 3 items to reach me for advert.

Thanks to the individual company for sending them over, felt so much love🙆🏻.

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