I'm so tire! Time to rest and Yayness, my first #LBxWHS16 because I don't like to queue for stuff.

I will try my best to do updates as much as I can when I'm there.

Physically so tire but mentally all ready to shop and have fun!

Anyway, thanks #LoveBonito for the VIP invite. I hope I'll control myself and not spend impulsively since it's my first time.

And see everybody later πŸ™†πŸ»πŸ™†πŸ».

Wearing #LoveBonito Mahlon Midi Jumpsuit to Warehouse sales today.

The queue is so long at 9.45am 😱😱

Water given while in the queue.

Price list!

Tex item on sales going at SGD29.00 each!






The whole place is super pack and messy. I'm bad shopping at messy place so I didn't take much photo of what's available hereπŸ˜….

Many of the items do not have S or M anymore so I didn't buy a lot.





Many bottoms which I'm not too keen. My mei mei in law bought a few work pants.

More bottoms!!

A lot of tube tops but all no S & M 😭

Basic off shoulder too but in not classic colors.

The basic tube which I love a lot but I can't find any S or M!!

Pleated tops too!

Selling Love Bonito Gerika Crochet Dress in Navy Blue, XS.


I love this jumper & top a lot!

Top: $15
Jumper: $19

Love this a lot!

I'm selling another dress which I love a lot but looks ridiculously short on me and a romper.

I'll show more photo of the items that I bought when I'm home.

For SONY headphone advert!!

Took some #OOTD too!

Dinner was at Paradise hotpot with Big man, mil and Meimei-in-law.

It's compulsory for everyone to pay $2 for the condiments. I love the fried garlic a lot, reminds me of those steamboat that I had in HK.

They have 14 choices of soup! I love the tom yum & Ginseng chicken a lot.

Food wise, half portion seems decent and as expected, the price is somehow near HDL.

#dayrefatties #dayrefoodie

Selling this navy dress, BNWT, M at $15 mailed.


The awkward moment when your grab hitch driver has his partner with him.

I think I'll just take grab in future, this kind of situation is too awkward for my personal preference. I rather spend a few more bucks to be comfy than to be in an awkward situation like this.

This is the romper that I'm selling, BNWT black romper in M.

$15 mailed.

I don't like how it looks on me, especially the sleeve area.

I love this tube top a lot!

Close up photo of it. Going to bring this over to BKK with me.

This navy dress is a really gorgeous one with the details.,

But look at how short it looks on me!!

Beautiful details. If nobody is taking this tmr, it's going to refash on Monday. I need to clear a lot of clothing for space so I can't keep clothing that I can't wear at homeπŸ˜….

I wanted to get this shift dress when it's available at the pop up store but I feel it's not worth the πŸ’°πŸ’°. So now it's on sale, there's no reason to say no to this!

I love how it looks without the sash.

Momma and Big Man said that with the sash, it looks like some bath robe πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚.

Got this casual swing top which I love a lot. The PTP fits me nicely for S, I was a little worried if it'll be too tight for me.

Close up details!

I've gotten this top before but I returned it because I feel that it's too thick for SG weather.

But I decided to get it today for Nov HK trip where we have to brave and withstand the coldness. I think this can be worn in hotel/BnB in Europe winter too.

How it looks!

That's all from #LBxWHS16!

To be honest, I won't queue for it if I don't receive the VIP passes. I salute the girls who queued for the sales because some of them are under the scorching hot sun for a long time and I know how unbearable it'll be.

Anyway, I think there will be a pop-up store in Nov. The receipt from #LBxWHS16 will entitled you to 10% off.

Lastly, thanks to the hardworking pixies from LB, thanks for being under the sun and working so hard to bring this sales for us girlsπŸ™†πŸ»πŸ™†πŸ»!

We went back to my in-law place and took some photos for the Sony headphone, watch & my OOTD before we head off to Compass One.

As much as I love to spend time with my own momma, I love to spend time with my momma-in-law & Meimei-In-law too. Today's topic has been about Bangkok and more Bangkok.

Counting down 7 days to the trip that we have been talking about!

And you know, when we shopped together, it's quite scary πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ.

I came home with all these!

Mei mei told me that these mask from #EtudeHouse is good and she saw instant result.

They are having a buy-5-free-5 promotion going on and I shared the deal with her because I wanted to hit $30 to get the small flamingo.

#dayrebeauty #dayreskincare

I saw this small flamingo at the display counter and I wanted to buy it. The SA told me I can either spend $30 to purchase this at $4.90 or spend $60 to get this for free. They don't allow purchasing it directly ☹️.

So I bought the mask just that I can buy this home and reunite this baby flamingo with the momma one.

I'm planning a girlie Bali villa trip next year and my family of flamingo is definitely going with me!

Another item that caught my attention was this spray on sun block for body. I apply sunblock every single day on my face but not on my body.

I have to admit I neglect my body care a lot, in fact, I did ZERO body care. Even when I'm in super hot places like Bangkok, I don't apply sun screen on my body because I hate the oily feel of those sun blocks.

We were trying out this at Watsons and I'm totally sold. It's non sticky & easy to apply. I'm bringing this with me to BKK.

And yes, I need to start investing in body care!!

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