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Love Bonito Showroom(again)

The last I checked, my previous post was 20 days ago on the same topic, Love Bonito Showroom. With DAYRE, I’ve became so lazy in doing out proper entries. I have yet to clear the travel-log from Taiwan and Korea. 

Anyway, I was invited for LB showroom again and I was anticipating for it. Invited Shine to go with me and experience for herself Love Bonito.

The “models” greeting us at the showroom.

Some of the clothing on the racks. You can spot some post-launch with some pre-launch as well. A pity that I didn’t stay long enough to try on the trench vest. That trench vest looks so gorgeous on some of the girls in their review on DAYRE. Perhaps I will just cart it out and try it. 

Here are the few items that I tried on.

I think this overlay skirt looks good but I don’t think it suits me. Rust is a nice color which I love recently but this skirt doesn’t suit my style.

Ladgley Lace dress in S which fits me with ZERO allowance! Lace is not my kind of style but I tried it out of curiosity. And it’s proven, lace is not my style. Anyway, stick to your usual size for this. 

I love this dress a lot and it’s the only thing that I bagged home today. When I saw the dress on the mannequin, I knew it had to try this on. Size S fits me nicely at the shoulder. I wanted to try the white piece but it looks sheer under light so I’m giving it a miss.

The cutting of this jumpsuit attracted me but the v neck is too low cut for my liking.  I love the overlap a lot and size S fits me nicely. If it’s not V neck, I will definitely bring this home with me. 

Tried this pleated dress in blush too. I can never carry pleats in maxi, they make me look fat.

I love this denim romper a lot but I can’t decide if I will wear it often! Still thinking if I should cart this out online. If you see this on my IG, it should be in Bangkok. Considering if I should cart this for my Bangkok trip.

Tried this new top in size S and I don’t like the straight cut of the top!

Thanks Love Bonito for having me today, I enjoyed every LB experience a lot.

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