921 #EZBuy sales so I carted a total of 9 items from #TaoBao.

What was in my cart but I didn't cart out.

I carted this into my cart because I love the simplicity of this dress. But after seeing this again and again, I decided I want to save my $5.87 even thou there's many many good reviews for this. Don't think it's my style so I won't wear it much too.

I wanted to gather more courage to cart out my first pair of shoes. This pair has many good reviews and it looks great too. But still, decided to give it a miss even thou it cost $2.15 only.

This #Mickey Denim jumper, I resisted so hard. I've too many jumper and jumpsuit and most of them I'll only tend to wear once or twice. Super guilty for wasting πŸ’°πŸ’° just to wear them once. So if it's something that I don't foresee myself wearing more than 3 times, DON'T BUY.

Amanda ε˜δΊ†πŸ™ˆ! Must save πŸ’°πŸ’° even thou this is $11.96.

I saw this and wanted to get it for my Europe trip. But I have no confident that it'll keep me warmth. So, I'm saving $8.48 and giving it a miss.

Out of curiosity, I make use of the image search(I did a post 2 days ago on how to do it) and found this #Miffy rabbit light 😍. I'm so in love with this that every single time I see it in the mall, I'll turn to Big man and tell him to remember to buy that for me when we have our own house.

I think I won't mind spending $58.26 on this Miffy light especially when there's so many good reviews on it. I'm not getting it now because my room has no space for it now 😭.

So what did I carted out??

I carted this casual Mickey long dress! Ever since I bought the TCL shirt dress that feels so comfy, I've been wanting more of this kind.

$2.57 so why not just gave it a try?

I can't say no to off-shoulder top. Especially when this looks good in the review photos too!

This pink looks so sweet too! Have to get both colors since they cost $4.33 only.

And so far, I kept all my off shoulder tops because I love them a lot. Never had the intention to sell them or what. I'm just adding more and more colors 😁.

I bought this pants too after the success of the denim high waist shorts. This cost $4.76 so there's no way I can skip it. The reviews look good too so I just bought it.

I wanted to screen shot this pair of shorts but it's OOS. Should have gotten this in white too.

I really love off shoulders a lot! I've actually seen this in Taiwan and Korea and the price range is about SGD8-15 bucks depending on where it's selling at.

I knew that this could be easily found at #TaoBao so I waited till now before carting it out at SGD3.67!

This dress too! It'll be a perfect casual dress for me. It only cost $3.65 so I can't say no to it too.

Ever since the checkered top that I've gotten, I'm beginning to fall in love with tops like this that's so light weight, good quality and versatile.

Carted this mustard one at $3.24 and I'm hoping it'll be as good as the checkered one.

Since there's a monochrome design, I carted it out too. The photos from review shows that this looks good too.

I bought this for my momma-in-law and myself too. Not sure if it works but $0.11 and the reviews show that it's quite alright, so I gave it a try.

The above only cost me $33(inclusive of shipping)! Quite good deal right?

That's all for the first cart out! I have another PRIME voucher to utilize so I might just browse and cart out another batch after my driving lesson since I'll have the whole afternoon free later πŸ™ˆ. I have not get any accessories too.

So I'll be back with what's in my 2nd batch from today later. Let's hope I'll be able to dig out more good deals!

In #Lovebonito outfit for my 2 hours driving today. I'm glad I'm heading home after driving to rest and have some me-time before big man knocks off and we go for our #rundate!

No makeup day since I'm only heading nearby for driving. And yes, I need my specs for circuit if not I can't see anything at all. Even with specs, the dim light during day time in circuit makes me unable to see clearly too. I have to memorize where is which number or which road can turn or head straight. Quite jialat for me. Let's hope today's session will be a good one.

P.S: I'll provide the link for the items later after I'm done with driving! Rushing off now.

#LoveBonito just launched!
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I took some time to see and considering if I should take advantage of the Prime voucher and free agent fee to get these from #TaoBao.

This step on legging cost $2.59 only but I'm not sure if the length is good.

This ombrΓ© dress looks exactly like the photo in the review photos. There's a lot a lot of positive reviews on this and I'm so tempted to get this even thou it cost $16.96.

Review states that material is good too! But it's pleats and pleats tend to make me fat! But this ombrΓ© dress looks too prettie to give it a miss.


This kitty dress looks so adorable!!

This floral maxi looks good too and it's only at $3.87!

This poofy dress looks very nice too but it's on the higher price range at $11.28.

Navy looks good too!!

And this off shoulder too! $3.00ish, very reasonable right? The review photos look good too.

This corgi that I've been following on IG has just passed away and I felt so sad over it. This explains why I can't have any pet, #weakheart πŸ’”πŸ’”.

May Loki rest in peace.

Just when I plan a #rundate, it kept raining and raining and raining~!!

So we decided to DIY my favourite mala steamboat!!

Our RunDATE became an DIY mala steamboat. I love love love mala soup! Big man bought all my favourite ingredients back and it felt so nice to be eating steamboat in this raining weather.

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

I decided to purchase the initial items that I've shared and not cart out a second order from #TaoBao.

There's LB warehouse sales and Bangkok next week, shall save my πŸ’°πŸ’° for physical shopping instead. Despite doing a lot of online shopping, I still prefer physical shopping where I can see and feel the item before deciding if they are worth the price tag.

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