It's time for #LBShowroom again and I'm glad to have bring Momma Shine as my +1!

It was nice seeing @wang_hx @katechiclove @sodapopp @withlovefromhope @fluffybunny @linettewhz and I managed to bump into @sabsoh @whitechoco @sabsoh at the lift too!

It's also nice seeing other girls around tonight πŸ™†πŸ»πŸ™†πŸ». Everybody was so helpful to help me find the dress that I wanted in S and find the white one in S too.

New items this week and I managed to try both the dress and top on the mannequins!

#LoveBonito #LBExperience

This is the lace dress that many of us tried out of curiosity.

With @wang_hx at LB showroom again! Always nice to be at the showroom with her and this time round I get to meet Shirley in real life.

First time meeting @fluffybunny too! @kohsher and I were both wearing the same top so she gave it a try too. I think she looks good in this top too. Everybody should get this!!

Slightly empty racks because we reached late and clothing are already taken into the fitting room!

More clothing now.

More clothing!

I saw some of the days trying this rust overlay skirt so I decided to give it a try too. M is loose for me at the waist but it fits my hip nicely with slight allowance. I think this skirt is nice but it's not suitable for me.

Tried on this lace dress just for the fun of it. Size S fits me with ZERO allowance!! Too dainty and sweet for my liking.

And yes, I can't carry lace. I've met a few brand owners who asked me to try lace. Even during my wedding, my Z-wedding designer got me a few lace gown which looks like disaster on me.

I shall not attempt any lace ever again!!

I tried this jumpsuit because of the flare cutting at the bottom. Size S fits me nicely with allowance but the front part is too low for my liking. Anything revealing cleavage is no-no for meπŸ˜….

If you flip the overlay, I love the flare bottom! And this jumpsuit is so comfy. It's rare that I'll fall in love with jumpsuit. Very nice piece but I still put it back to the rack because of the v neck.

Tried this top too. Size S fits with allowance. The cutting is too straight for my liking and it makes me look fat while hiding my waist line!

The pleated dress that looks nice on many girls. If I wear it without sash, I look preggie in it πŸ˜…. This is how it looks with a sash. I think I can't carry pleated maxi too!

Tried this denim romper too and I had to resist bringing it home with me. I told myself that I can only bring ONE item home because there's Warehouse sales this Saturday! But now I'm so tempted by it again after seeing this photo!

And this dress, the moment I saw it, I knew I had to bag it home. There's the white version too but it seems to be sheer under light so I took navy home with me.

Size S fits me nicely at the shoulder!

The details which looks very blur in this photo!

Spent the whole day with my momma-in-law & Grandmomma-in-law. I'm just free to check my phone and realized that this dress that I wanted from restock was OOS 😭.

I'm telling myself it's alright. I can save πŸ’°πŸ’° for LB warehouse sales. Anyway I'm heading to school for the boring Law & order module. Let's hope I won't fall asleep halfway.

Anybody ready for the 921 sales on #EZBuy? I had quite a lot of items in my cart waiting to be carted at 12mn. Will share more on what I decided to get from TaoBao tmr. Still trying to see if I can find more stuff that I like.

Why like that 😭

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