Did a night run + walk with Big Man because we have been feasting too much!


Let me side track a bit! After our 3km run + 2.5km walk, we felt so hungry. A cup of milk is not enough for me so we took out the 鱼酥 that I bought from Taiwan & Honey Butter chips that I bought from Korea out to eat.

#dayrefatties #dayrefoodie

Anyway I'll do up my simple #Taobao guide today. Let me disclaim one more time, I'm not expert and I know there are many girls out there who have did all these before too. I'll just share how I usually shop via TaoBao!!

Along the way if you girls have any question, I'll try my very best to answer too. I'll make it as simple and easy to understand as possible!

How to shop using image/picture?

Firstly, I ship and order my TaoBao stuff via #EZBuy. They approach me for advert previously and I fell in love with how easy to use this app is.

Of course, they are not the perfect agent and I know there's some negative reviews about them. So far for my experience, it has been a pleasant one so I'm using them till something bad happen.

What is required:

1. 手机淘宝 app
2. EZ Buy app

If you do not have ez buy app, you can download here: http://marketing.ezbuy.sg/ezbuyMobileRegister/invite_SG.html?invitationId=E1A6DD50F338097B

You'll get a SGD5.00 shopping voucher while I'll earn a SGD5.00 shopping voucher too! I have a blogger referral link for SGD10.00 but I've lost it since the advert was quite a while ago. You can search on DAYRE or IG, there's many bloggers giving out $10 vouchers too if you are keen!

Firstly, you must save a clear image of the item that you want to search for.

If it's possible, find a clear image whereby only the item that you want is in the image like this.

P.S: I'm using the image of this holder instead of clothing/accessories because I don't want to offend or get into trouble or spoil the reputation of any online blogshop. There are actually quite a few blogshop that get their items from TaoBao. The 4 accessories that I bought last week was searched using images too.

Firstly, open the 手机淘宝 app!

Sorrie I've fallen asleep last night at 2am! F1 is so tiring but fun and thrilling! I'll try to complete this post before I head out to spend time with one of my girlie who has just given birth and my #LBShowroom with momma shine tonight too.,

This is what you see when you open the app. Most of the items and stuff are in mandarin and I tend to skip all of them.

I'll use this app for 2 functions:
– Search the items that I want
– Check reviews of the item that I want

Look for the top right hand corner where there's an icon of a 📷, click on it when you are ready to search using the image that you have!

This is what you get! For first timer launching this function in the app, there will be a pop-up asking if you give authority to this app for accessing your camera. Please click yes.

The black screen is supposed to be what your camera will be showing but I covered mine up with my finger so it became black.

You can choose to:

-Take a photo of item on the spot by pressing the pink button like how you usually take photo

– Click on the bottom right which has the word 相册(thanks @Nefuhs for helping me with the Han yu pin yin).

Select the image that you have prepared!

It'll start searching for the item!

You'll get result of the item that you are searching for!

For clothing, I'll be using my own image to search instead since the whole outfit is from TaoBao.

You can screenshot the image of the clothing that you like!

The app working and searching for you via image!!

You'll get the result too!!

If there are top, bottom or necklaces In the image, you can select this top option. If you want keen in the top of the image, just select top. If not, select the bottom and so forth!

I have to set the expectation for all of you, not EVERYTHING that you search for can be found. If you keep searching for items from a blogshop and you can't find it on TaoBao, it means this blogshop self-manufacture their items or they get their items elsewhere. I'll tend to buy from them if I did an intensive search and couldn't find.

If you managed to find, there might be many sellers who sell the same item! I'll usually look at the one with most purchase.

You can see how many people purchase from that particular seller with a glance at the bottom left of the item(I've circled it).

I'll go in and look at review. The reviews are usually very easy to understand and some will provide real life pic of the items too!

After reading the reviews and you think it's something you want to get, you can either copy the name and paste it into ezbuy app or you can copy the link and use the "Buy For Me" function!

To copy the name of the item, just hold on to the name of the item, there will be this pop-up, select the left option which is 拷贝(copy).

To copy the link of the item from TaoBao, click on the right side option of 分享.

There will be options like this. Click on the first option of 复制链接.

There will be this pop-up to indicate that you have copy the link over.

It's time to open EZ buy app!

You can paste the name of items in it and search!

If you can't find the item, you can use the link for "Buy for Me".

Paste the link of the item!

You'll see the item with price!

Then you'll see the price and other options such as warehouse, shipping option etc!

That's all I have!!

Before I make purchase, I'll always check review. And I realized that a lot of measurements are accurate but I'm too stubborn to believe them and tend to upsize.

For example, I spotted this top but I'll ALWAYS make it a point to check reviews on their website.

You have to scroll all the way to the bottom when you are using the ez buy app.

You'll see the option of "Check Product details on original site". Just click on it and it'll bring you to the next step.

It'll open TaoBao page within the app itself.

If you are using ezbuy website, it'll be a new tab open to TaoBao website.

Scroll to the bottom and look for this 拼佳 and click on it.

You'll see the many reviews.

I tend to purchase items that have a lot of reviews especially those with photo reviews. From the real life photos, you can roughly see and "predict" how does the item looks like.

That's all I have for TaoBao. There's many girls out there who did out better guides and some girls even teach people how to buy directly from TaoBao. My mandarin is not that great so I don't want to spend the effort to do that. I think prices and services are very reasonable with EZ Buy so I'm alright with sticking to it!

This Bunny hot water bag from Primark looks so adorable! I don't think it'll be available by the time I'm in London at end of the year 😭😭.

Fully decked in #LoveBonito for today's #OOTD because I'm going for the showroom later.

Wearing Odeda Flounce Sleeve Top and Lanneke Layered Shorts.

Showing more of the top! I love the V-neck cutting that's not too low for my liking. And the bell sleeve that gave me a lot of "power" 🙈🙈!

NOTHING caught my eyes from weekly staple this week. I've saw what's available at the showroom and I've got a feeling I might walk out empty handed for the first time.

And there's LBWHS this Saturday too! Need to save 💰💰 for that. I think big man and momma will go crazy at the amount of clothing I'm bringing home this week.

#LoveBonito just launched!
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Shall go try this before deciding if I should get it or no!

As much as I tried to be healthy, there's a junkie living in me still.

I love my white chicken rice with skin. In fact, I'll be super unhappie if my chicken doesn't comes w skin. I'll always make sure I order 鸡尾 meat because it's the part with most skin. Big man will frown at how I eat the skin but still let me indulge once in a while.

Ever since I discovered this Chicken skin from Tori-Q, I've been having a lot of Tori-Q. Super sinful stick but super delish too😋.

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

Can I just say that I'm physically quite tire😴? I guess not working means I am lack of the discipline to sleep early. It doesn't help that I tend to wake up at 8 or 9am everyday?

I can't wait for this week to pass because I drag the lesson tmr and driving on Wednesday.

Weekends are going to be much more fun than the weekdays because I'm preparing for another surprise birthday bash for someone followed by dinner on sunday with some close friends and their babies.

LB showroom!

Finally went to 一家南 to try the food with Big man and momma Shine. Big man has been raving about it for so long and I feel so bad to make BIGMAN wait for me for 30 minutes outside the building where Lb is located at.

I love this samba Sweet potato leaf veg a lot.

The prawn and char siew omelette. I'm not an omelette person so I'll think it's alright.

The highlight of the night:

– Prawn paste chicken
I don't usually eat this but I ate a total of 3 today. Tasted very delish and the prawn paste taste is not too heavy for my liking.

– Salted Egg Pork Rib
I love love love love love this! This is not the usual sauce form of salted egg. It's those that they fried the sauce and it became solid form. Very very nice!

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

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