Disclaimer: I'm not a #TaoBao expert

Will anybody be keen if I do out a simple post on how I usually shop on TaoBao or how I shop using images/pictures instead of using keywords??

Updated: Okie I heard the few of you. I'll do up a post tmr. There's service, baby shower & F1 today so I can't do out a post! Thanks for being so spontaneous & answering to my question above😘.


Wearing #Lovebonito Elisheva Pleat Dress for my #OOTD today!

Using #MoonShoot jelly pot eyeshadow in shade 04 today! I quite like the purple on my eyes. This jelly eyeshadow is very pigmented and I love the pigmented color of it. It's quite easy to apply using finger tips too. Think I'm going to drop by Sephora to check out the other colors!!


Let the fun begin!!

Last #OOTD with the F1 track before it'll be gone after mid-night.

I think next year I'll be skipping it after braving the event every single year. It's physically so tiring.

Ferrari street race!

We have a #Doraemon Ferrari Lover here!!

Photo-bombed by pinkie, who is quite lousy and taking the last position for all the laps!

Another photobomb! I think we had so much fun taking photos like this!

Driver's parade!!

Walking around while waiting for race to begin at 8pm! I love the skyline of SG a lot!

A couple was sitting at our seat and they even requested to see our tickets for seats. So they shifted over to my cousin's seats and when I told them someone is coming, they refused to move.

Seriously, if you are to be seated at the back, don't hog on to people's seats and still have the guts to ask to check tickets and refused to move just because they are not here.

I mean if you know your seats are not here why are you showing attitude and refusing to move?

2016 F1 night race began with a crush before the cars can make a complete round.

This year's race is so exciting with the many many accident!!

The first attempt to start the race!! My poor red bull almost crush too, thank God the driver is skilled!!


And then an official marshal was running on the race track when the racing cars were going for full speed.

I think he was trying to clear the debris but the cars just came!!



Daniel Ricciardo won second!

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