Supper at 12.30am! I'm so HAPPIE my personal chef is back.

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

Lazing on bed, refusing to get up even thou I had my daily dose of kopi.

Wearing #LoveBonito D-Ring top which I've totally forgotten about! Something casual today to run errands and for F1 this evening/tonight!

Decided to tie up my hair and bun up my fringe because of the hot weather!!

Selfie because makeup is very on point today! Using #Urbandecay naked eyeshadow and #hourglass blusher which I love a lot!

Due to #dayrebeauty influence, I've been checking Sephora on and off for items to see what is legit to be bought.

Glutton strikes and we over-ordered again! We were supposed to have Ban Mian at City plaza because I'm dropping off clothing to sell at Refash. While collecting my remaining clothing from space invasion, we felt hungry so off we go to #Masizzim for lunch!

Ordered this seafood beef stew with glass noodle & it tasted so good. The beef tasted so soft and it almost melt in my mouth. The seafood tasted very fresh too. And the glass noodle, so chewy and bouncy. Only downside is level 2 is not spicy.

Order Leek & squid pancake too! I love leek pancake and I'll dig out all the squid and leave them aside. Big man will always πŸ™„πŸ™„ at my way of eating. Kor ate the same way as me too! We are both fussy eater who will take out whatever that we don't like from our bowl/plate before eating them. And yes, prove that I'm being brought up by him 😁.

Anyway, yum yum pancake, I ate half of it!

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

#Starbucks is out to con my πŸ’°πŸ’° again!!

Ready for day 2!

There's QUEEN & ADAM LAMBERT performance tonight! I feel so tempted to stay till midnight for the performance but there's church tmr morning and another long day out for the finale too.

How how how??!

Some street race that's going on now! One day, I'm going to autobahn and speed the way these driver did.

I think there's something in our family blood that made all of us loving high speeding!


Photobomb-ed by my favourite street car in pinkie!!

Another one by blackie!!

More photobomb!

A rare day that Jubilee bridge is empty! How can I not take an OOTD on it.

The driver's face when he has to Siam a humongous monitor lizard cross the racing track 😳😳.

The famous monitor lizard πŸ˜…

I enjoy this year's view a lot! It used to be facing the street or something at the grandstand!

And you can see many many people opposite at MBS. I think they are there to catch Pokemon!!

I admire girls who wear long dresses and killer heels for F1. The long walk, heat from all the spotlight at night and the uneven road that they might have to conquer.

Out for dinner at Emporium Shokuhin! Finally get to try their Chirashidon and Big Man ordered a Wagyu Beef Foie gras nigiri for me.

I love this place a lot, the sashimi tasted really good too. But Big Man prefers Teppei to here.

I quite like the Chirashidon because there's more sashimi than rice!!

Waiting for qualifying race to begin and u love this night view a lot!

Waiting for the race to begin!!

The only 2 MATTE racing car for the whole race and they belong to RED BULL!

Not hard to guess which team I'm with right 😍😍.


I didn't stay for Adam Lambert because I've experienced the crowd before for last year's Maroon 5 and 2014 for Robin William.

I don't fancy Queens & Lambert that much so…….

We left✌🏻️.

I miss my bedπŸ™„

My supper tonight with Big Man. How to be slim when your husband kept feeding you??!

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