Don't ask me why I'm awake so early on a raining morning. Nope, Big man was very careful when he prepared for work so I wasn't woken up by him.

My casual clothing are piling up at a rapid speed and I needed more SPACE especially when I'm going BKK soon.

I've not worn my work dress for 2 months and a lot of them are too loose for me now. So I hope to find a new owner for them. Decided to sell them here before they go up to carousell since I have people who will ask what's my carousell nick on & off!

Big man is back and he has taken back his space too. He & momma are constantly shaking head at me so help me to buy & clear space ok?

⚡️ALL my clothing are hand washed.
⚡️ALL worn once ONLY, unless stated.
⚡️FREE normal mail.
⚡️Email me at amanda.koh.wl@gmail.com if you are too shy to leave a comment.

P.S: My 1st selling post, let's hope I'll clear off some stuff to get more space!

1) LB Dabney Pocket Dress
Size: M
Price: $$32.00

2) LB Reselda Dress
Size: M
Price: $35.00
P.S: This is OOS on website, I love this dress a lot but it's too low cut for me to wear it again. And I don't repeat my clothing for events 😅.

3) LB Latoya Contrast Layer Dress *SOLD*
Size: M
Price: $35.00
P.S: Another hot fav that's OOS!

4) LB Mahola Midi Dress *SOLD*
Size: M
Price: $30.00
P.S: OOS on website too! So many OOS!

And I realized they are all in NAVY!!

5) LB Elyde Asymmetrical Dress
Size: M
Price: $30.00

6) LB Covet Gella Pleated Mesh Maxi *SOLD*
Size: M
Price: $35.00

7) LB Durene Swing Dress
Size: M
Price: $30.00

8) LB Henicea Midi Dress *SOLD*
Size: M
Price: $30.00

8 #LoveBonito items up for today, that's all! I actually have a lot of worn-once TaoBao items too but I'm too lazy to post. They are all of good quality but I guess I'll just send them to refash instead.

I don't know why but the empty spaces in wardrobe are always filling up so quickly. It's bad that I'm someone who's not loyal to my clothing. I hate to admit this but I have the constant urge to wear new clothing, try new style or whatever.

Like Big Man said, I'm loyal to him can le🙈!

My daily dose of coffee & chocolate eclaire from Kor's cafe. I'm their loyal customer who always buy breakkie from them. He always offered to give me for free but no, they run a business and not some family charity thing.

#dayrefatties #dayrefoodie

Gotten my one-time PRIME shipping voucher. I'm quite surprise that there isn't much redemption done on that!

I have to rely on ezbuy for my TaoBao purchases because my Chinese is very bad and their English option is like a savior to me.

Do you know that you can use image to search for items on TaoBao? Half the time, I'll search for items that I want using image!

I felt too lazy to run to the place that I usually did my running. So the lazy me went to the park opposite my house to run and I was so bored by the place.

1 round clocks 500m. After running 6 rounds, I gave up. Going in small rounds ain't my cup of tea & the sun was so hot with not much greens or pond to give out some coolness.

I shall not be lazy the next time. But still, 3km for #mandyrunninglog doesn't seem to bad given that I pile on 2kg since big man is back. Weight gained is for real.

There's so many places to go and things to do today.

There's #Isetan Private sales, anybody heading down? Then off to Bugis to check out Love & Bravery and The Closet Lover before meeting my friend to go thru his wedding time line and stuff with him. Evening time will be at the Annual #F1 event before I rush off for a supper for my cg member's bible school graduation celebration.

Just the thought of it is enough to make me feel tire~~!!!!

My last mala cup noodle from Taiwan😭. I'm going to miss this a lot, should have bought a whole box of this back.

Wearing my #TaoBao outfit out for F1 tonight! It'll be super hot under the strong spotlight so I tend to wear as casual as possible.

My courex delivery person saw me at first floor and she immediately spotted me and say you are that amanda, can receive your parcel 😳! You mean she delivers so many times until she recognize my face?

One more photo of the outfit because I love the top & bottom a lot even thou the bottom is very loose on me at the waist. Should have believe the measurement stated and take size S!

Before I step to the Isetan private sales itself, I've started spending money on food.

The purple sweet potato which I love a lot but super expensive at $2.50 per 100 gram and this octopus ball. I'm forever hungry 😭.

This tasted the same as the previous one located in ION and raffles city but I think both have close down now. So much love for FOOD!!

I have to leave the supermarket because I'm aiming the cakes and pastries! I'm such a glutton 😅

I saw this easy-to-dirty-hard-to-maintain melody's pouch at $35.90! I don't know I need it for what but it feels like she's telling me to bring her home!



With my loot from the private sales! I can't seem to leave the private sales empty handed🙈🙈.

I spotted a pair of Melissa shoe and they are having 20% discount. I think big man will faint if I were to purchase and bring the shoe to F1 later. I resisted a lot of items too because his bag can only allow me to squeeze in ONE paper bag worth of items!!

I name this sweet Japanese potato as my 150gram of happiness.

It's so sinful, so sweet and so delicious😋😋. I sat outside Isetan and ate half of this and left the other half for big man.

After all the junk, I'm still feeling hungry! But fear not, it's din din time soon. I shall continue my shopping while waiting for big man to be done with work.

Am I slow or I've not been having fast food recently till I missed out about MOS cafe??!

The menu looks good and I'm not sure if I want my usual burger with butterfly prawn or I should take the risk to try the rice bowl with special smoothie & fruit juices.

Menu of the MOS cafe! Decided to choose something different from my usual order since I don't get to see MOS cafe every time.

My special fruit tea which tasted not bad. I love grapefruit so I kept squeezing the juices into the tea. This tea is not too sweet for my liking too!

I ordered Wagyu Demi-glance rice bowl. To my surprise, they are very generous with the portion and I got a big piece of Meat! I quite like this and I think for the price of $7.90, this is considered nice and worth!

Ready to go for F1! Due to some reason; I'm blessed to have free tickets every single year for all access(except podium because it's too ex to be given).

I'm so proud of how she made the fammie proud and that we can enjoy such an event every year and we he to go and enjoy it too.

It's so hot now at the grandstand but the view is splendid!

I have to stand there for 1 min with many eyes staring at me before Big man managed to capture my favourite Ferrari.

Honestly I'm more of a red bull fan even thou we always carry Ferrari flag around!!

With Big Man!

His phone's mei pai effect!!


Durian & Mango dessert!

Glutton to the max🙈

We ordered this durian puff that tasted really awful.

Big man feels hungry and he tempted me with supper so we made an impromptu trip to the NTUC that's near our place.

We have 10 minutes to shop and all! Super stress because it has been a long while since I have my personal chef back and I can make request to what I want.

I'm a blessed #dayrewives because he loves and enjoys cooking a lot!!

Finally home to try this LB Carella Front Pleat Culottes in rust! I own a few culottes from them and I love them a lot. This is a new color in my wardrobe and I'm definitely keeping it.

There is a side concealed zip and functional pockets! I've came across culottes without pockets and it makes me 😭.

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