Before we bid goodbye on Sunday night, I told Kor that I'll see him on Tuesday because I'm heading down to the cafe to help out.

My darling Axel boy innocently asked if he will get to see me on Tuesday too. I told him Gugu will only be at the cafe to help out so he won't be able to see me. Out of curiosity, I asked if he will miss me and his response without much thinking is Yes, I'll miss you.


I wanted to share about Love & Bravery yesterday but I was too tire! I'm glad that apart from Love Bonito, I found another LB(Love & Bravery) that I love a lot.

Before they approached me for a collaboration, I've begin shopping with them and I think I shared a little post about them 2-3 weeks back.

Yesterday, I dropped by the Bugis outlet to choose an outfit. I'll be heading down later to try their newly launch and pick another outfit.


Their new collection will be launch every Tuesday and Friday here: http://loveandbravery.com!

I've to say they are one of the few brands that sell quality clothing and many are self-manufactured. And that is a few reasons why I love them too. It's quite hard to find local brands that sell quality clothing that are self-manufactured.

They have given me a discount code <mandalogy8> for my followers to enjoy 8% off for online orders only!

Let me share what I've tried on yesterday!

I love this monochrome dress, if I'm working still, this will go into my staple collection. The white part is not sheer at all and I love it when white clothing are not sheer. The dress is very flowy too, very flattering and hides all my stomach fats.

This is another personal favourite that I love a lot!! Anything with functional big pockets are love. The cutting of this dress is very well too, material is very thick and length is just nice for me too. You can pair it with a pair of sneakers and you are ready for the weekends!!

I love this pleated dress a lot. I think you girls have read about how I complain pleats make me look heavy at my bottom but this pleated dress does not amplified my bottom.

Paired it with a belt to create waistline!

I love this outfit too, almost bagged it home. I think I might go back and purchase the culottes. They are so comfy and so far, all my culottes are of solid colors and I didn't know I can carry off multiple colors as well.

Big man agreed that this pair of culottes is very nice. It's rare that he will think multi-color clothing are nice.

And this, my favourite of them all! It's actually a pants which looks like dress. I took M size even thou it's very loose on me because I love this design a lot but S is oos.

You know the "MUST HAVE" mentality? Shows how much I love this outfit.

The white top comes together with the overall and this is going into my collection. And there's functional pockets too, increase my love for it!!

I'm excited to head down and check out their new collections for today.

Disclaimer: Even thou they sponsored me clothing, I'm not paid to do out a DAYRE post or any blogpost for them. It's out of my love for their clothing that I decided to share about Love & Bravery!!

What I'm wearing today! #LoveBonito white top that has became a staple with my #TaoBao outer overall dress!

I know this photo is not obvious but I love the #HourGlass blusher and the #moonshoot purple eyeshadow.

#dayrebeauty #dayremakeup

#LoveBonito just launched!
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Nothing from today's launch!! ✌🏻️✌🏻

I'm back at Love&and avert again to see their new collection.

I love this pleated maxi that once again doesn't hug my hip and makes me look like a hippo! This dress is fully lined, not sheer and comes with a sash.

Side view of the pleated bottom!

This grey dress is too low cut for my liking!

This pleated midi dress is another gorgeous piece!

But it's slightly low for me at the neckline too. I don't like anything that reveals even slight cleavage 😅. But overall this is a nice dress and you can swirl around with this!

I think navy color is nicer than grey! Personal preference.

This mermaid cut dress here is love and yes, I bagged the last S home from the shop.

Functional pockets makes me love them even more!! Big man doesn't like this dress but I love it a lot. Versatile basic that you can dress up with heels or dress down with sneakers.

That's all for shopping! I'll be back on Friday again to try out more new items. And I can drop by TCL too since there will be new launches for them.

Remember to check out Love & Bravery website for their items and newly launch. Their clothing are limited to few pieces per design and size so grab them fast if anything caught your eyes. And do quote <mandalogy8> to enjoy 8% off online purchase!

Received another confirmation on a sponsorship and I feel so HAPPIE with it. I will share more on it when dates and stuff are confirm, definitely going to DAYRE about them because they are another of my favourite brand.

I feel very blessed that I'm able to work with brands that I love and I'm grateful and thankful that they believe in me and entrusted me to do adverts for them.

Change into something more casual for the dinner nearby. I feel like slacking at home and not move my body at all. It has been rushing from places to places for the past few days and I'm feeling tire physically.

I'll have to wake up early for tmr and Thursday. Why does it feel equally tire now that I'm not working at all.

When there's 50% off Gelare!!

It feels good to be lying on bed and watching my favourite show. Dragging the thought of the 1.5 hours of driving in circuit tmr because I need to take my driving test soon.

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