Wearing #Lovebonito Pamilly Pussybow Contrast Playsuit today.

I was at Sephora yesterday when I saw this eye shadow from #LauraMercier. I tried and love the swatches a lot because it's very pigmented and I love the purple shades. I don't recall having any purple shades in my eyeshadow collection.

Then the worse thing happen, it was OOS at Tampine's Sephora. I hope I'll be able to find it in town today!!

#dayrebeauty #dayremakeup

The only thing that caught my eye this week. Think I won't be purchasing much online since I'll be heading down to #LBshowroom next Monday.

I still prefer to feel and touch the clothing before purchasing them if this option is allowed!!

I'm sitting at our brunch place smelling and looking at people enjoying their food while waiting for Big Man to be done with his work.

I ish so so so hungry. The box of pink dragon fruit for breakkie has digested long ago.

Waiting for my brunch to be serve! I think we over ordered again. Can't wait to have my dose of freshness from the sea.

The Laura Mercier eyeshadow palette is OOS in orchard outlet too 😭😭.

Ended up getting individual eyeshadow pot and other goodies.

I love my personal photographer a lot. I've been too busy shopping from places to places and he has been reminding me that I have not take my OOTD yet. I think he's the best photographer ever, reminding me of things and how to pose and he will never say NO to me too.

Feel so love as a #dayrewives today!

Let's talk about my delish late brunch today!!

I've been to Dancing Crab, The Boilers and a few other restaurants but nothing can beat Cajon on Wheels at #Pasarbella.

I love the salted egg yolk sauce and chilli egg sauce a lot. Today, we opted for salted egg yolk sauce for our prawn and chilli egg sauce for our crab & clams.

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

We bought a salted egg yolk fries to go with the seafood too. They use real potatoes instead of those MacDonald's instant fries. I love their fries a lot!!

My loot from Sephora today! Stocked up on #SkinInc Pure Deepsea hydrating mask which I love a lot a lot. I was told by the beauty advisor that it is suitable to be used as daytime moisturizer too. Going to try it out after I finish my AUOLIVE!

Due to the influence of #DayreBeauty community, I'm getting more and more into makeup which is so fun!

I think I'm very slow to discover the fun of makeup! It used to be loose powder, eye liner, standard eye shadow color and mascara. Now, there's so many things to apply 🙈🙈!!

I was looking around and saw this #HourGlass Lighting Blush! I love this shade in Ethereal Glow and decided to get it.


How the shade looks like! The lighting in my living room is very bad, will do a swatch again tmr in my room!

Can't wait to try it on my face tmr too!

Next is #MoonShot eyeshadow in Powder Block and Jelly Pot.

Top: Powder Block P02

Bottom: Jelly Pot 04

The pigmentation is very very good and I'm surprised by how easy to apply the jelly pot is. Can't wait to try these colors on too!

Anyway, we wanted to go run after reaching home at 7ish 8pm BUT we are too tire and lazy to move our butt! I hope this is not how we will be if not, all the fats will come back on us again!!!!

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